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5 Integrations that Can Help Keep Employees in the Loop For Small, Medium, and Enterprise Companies

Written by Jimmy Rustling


5 Platforms Worth Looking At

Are you looking for a place to easily share and transfer files, or are you hoping for more collaborative elements as well, such as calendaring, team chat, dashboards, and more? Let’s dive into a quick discussion of five different platforms that offer a range of capabilities.


Particularly customizable, SharePoint is a powerful Microsoft collaboration tool that can be accessed from any device. Files can be easily stored and distributed to different users, based on set permissions or rules, and advanced document management is possible through document libraries, approval workflows and user privileges. As an added plus, SharePoint comes with additional apps that can add needed capabilities to fit your team’s unique needs. Web design tools, flexibility in adapting sites to target groups of users and even an app store to assist in integration make this platform robust and convenient. When looking at SharePoint vs. OneDrive or other applications, SharePoint is particularly helpful for large organizations.


OneDrive, on the other hand, is straightforward and simple. It allows users to save, edit and share files from any device at any time and is a great way to share large files or folders, as it is easy to use, syncs quickly and provides a shareable link when sending items. This circumvents the difficult issue of sending large files via email. One great perk about this service is its two-factor authentication feature, which offers an additional level of security on sensitive files.


Possibly one of the reasons why cloud storage and file-sharing has become the way of the future, Dropbox was one of the first applications to offer simple solutions to team collaboration using a basic online storage system. Getting started is easy, and Dropbox offers many solutions for integrating into both Microsoft and Google-based systems. It also offers integration opportunities with third-party apps such as Trello, Canva, and even AutoCAD.

Google Drive

Looking for a free service that integrates with Google’s other powerful applications, such as Sheets or Docs? Google Drive offers powerful speed and performance, enabling teams to share and edit files in real-time or attach them directly to an email while working in the “Compose” window. Google Drive’s search capabilities are also unmatched and make it possible to find the most relevant content in your library at lightning speed. Drive’s communication add-on, Google Meet, has seen an uptick in use over recent months and expands its overall functionality in a big way.


Need to send giant-sized files to keep your team in the loop? Consider using WeTransfer, a file-sharing site that not only allows you to send up to 20 GB of files, but store them in their platform as well. Some of the great features of WeTransfer is the way they allow you to control all the ins and outs of how and when people receive items. Receive an alert the moment your files are downloaded by the other party, and delete or forward your transfers with just a few clicks. You can even limit how long files are available for download, and view the name of every person who has clicked on the link.

Which Integration Serves You Best?

Each platform described above offers different features and capabilities that fit many different needs. Take a good look at the pros and cons of each to determine the ultimate winner for your company.

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