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Business Tips: How to Conduct Higher Quality Field Research

Market research is a quintessential part of business. Sometimes, it involves rolling up the sleeves and taking to the field to conduct interviews with the public.

As frightening as this might seem, it can offer you and your team some wonderful insight into just about every aspect of your brand, aspects that fall in view of the public eye that is.

Field research is not usually easy, yet, in order for it to yield reliable results, in needs to be streamlined and carefully monitored – here are some tips to help you do just that!

Integrate Transcription Services

If you have a wealth of recorded interviews sitting on a desk somewhere, waiting to be typed up as its relevancy wains each and every passing second, you are likely not optimizing your results.

High-quality research is current and extremely relevant, and if you can’t capture it in time, you may have wasted your money and energy in conducting the interviews in the first place.

To completely negate this eventuality and to save yourself a huge amount of time while retaining the accuracy of the information, utilizing reliable media transcription services is crucial.

In doing this, you will no longer have to worry about wasting time manually typing up your findings, and you can get back to directing your schedule toward more impactful areas of work.

Use IoT Tech

If you can monitor your field agents as they go about trying to find interview opportunities, you can collect valuable data to later inform your decisions.

For example, if you can keep a record of how effective one of your employees was in a certain area (how many interviews they conducted, how useful the information was, etc.), then you can adjust your processes accordingly. IoT tech can be a highly reliable ally in this regard.

Practice Customer Service Skills

Even if you don’t need to ask any questions about customer service as such, learning a few of the best tips and techniques that professionals use to talk to their clients can be a big help.

It can generally make talking to strangers easier, enable you to become more approachable, and perhaps most importantly, help you convince them to take part in your field research.

Build the Right Team

Approachability is mightily handy in field research, but this does not come naturally to everyone. Nor does it carry a good field research project alone – your team needs to be fully invested in the point of the research if they are to convince anyone of its value.

Building the right team is essential in this regard, and often, this means opting to go for candidates who possess a granular understanding of your brand.

Ask Effective Questions

If you are struggling to find the right answers, maybe the questions are the problem. That might sound like a sentence you’d find in a fortune cookie, but it certainly bears a good deal of truth in the realm of field research.

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