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Cloud Telephony – The best tool that any business can ever have

Every business is different from others. Their goals, market, audiences, and modus-operandi vary as per the operated industry. The marketing strategies that might work in healthcare can fail to deliver the desired results in the tourism industry. Likewise, the expectations of an education industry’s customers from service providers are far different from the expectations of the tourism industry.

However, one thing that can be proved beneficial and viable across all the industries is cloud telephony. Yes, it’s true, and we are saying it with full confidence that the kind of comprehensive virtual phone number assistance it offers can benefit businesses of all sizes and industries.

Read the full article to find out the reasons behind our firm confidence in cloud telephony.

The viability of cloud telephony in the healthcare industry

If you are running a business related to the healthcare industry, then your chief challenges would be:

  • The poor outcome of the donation camps organized to support your health care services.
  • Improper on-field doctors’ monitoring and data consistency across all the camps or healthcare branches.
  • High response time when your patients call in case of emergency.
  • Uniformity in the appointments and meetings arranged with the doctors.
  • Now, let’s see how a cloud-based phone system can address all these issues.

One of the main reasons behind the poor outcome of your donation camps is the lack of information about it.  You can set an informative IVR related to the camp and let the mass be aware of your initiative without much grueling and efforts done from your side. Also, if you are conducting a nationwide campaign, then buying a local phone number of that particular area increases your targeted audiences’ engagement.

You have a call recording feature in your virtual phone system that allows you to capture every doctor-patient interaction without making tons of effort from your end. As all the data is saved at a centralized place in cloud telephony, you can listen to the recordings from any device/location. With this feature, keeping tabs on the on-site and off-site operations is not only easy but also data packed.

Using the cloud PBX, you can set-up as many extensions as you want and handle the surging call traffic without any headache. Then you have an in-built unified communication facility in cloud telephony. Using this feature, you can automate menial yet crucial operations such as arranging a meeting, sending appointment schedules, planning the treatment schedule, and so on. You can send updates via SMS or email.

Also, it can help you arrange a remote location video conferencing between the doctors and the patients. Hence, there will be constant communication and proper data transmission in the healthcare industry just because of cloud telephony.

The viability of cloud telephony in the education industry

The education industry is one of the most prominent, wide-spread, and curial industries that actually creates/nurtures/trains manpower to run all other industries successfully. Hence, it’s more than imperative that this industry should be laced with all the latest resources and technology. However, many in-grown challenges hinder the seamless operations of this industry. Some of the key issues with the education industry are:

  • Not having a cost-effective outbound/inbound telephony system. As students place inquiries frequently, educational institutes must have an effective, responsive, and affordable business phone system.
  • Loads of administrative work.
  • Time-bound and comprehensive communication.

Cloud telephony stands second to none when it comes to addressing the education industry’s issues without any hassle. Using the hosted phone system and toll-free phone number, you can actually reduce your telephony set-up cost and offer free calling service to the callers, respectively.

Its impressive automation allows your team to get some relief from never-ending administrative work. Then, you have unified communication to build a responsive communication platform for your customers wherein they can do real-time interaction with the mentors, share the feedback, attend virtual class, and do a lot more than this.

The viability of cloud telephony in the tourism industry

The tourism industry is one of the key industries of any nation. It’s what gains international recognition to a country. However, some of the below-mentioned challenges put a stop on the business growth of this industry.

  • Un-availability around the clock.
  • Hefty marketing and pocket-heavy international calling when targeting international customers.
  • Off-site connectivity in case of travel agents working from remote locations.

With features like local phone numbers, cloud-based deployment, and low set-up cost, a hosted phone number helps the tourism industry to overcome all these issues. Then you have in-built CRM integration that gives you detailed reporting about the marketing and customers’ buying behavior. Using this data, you can do targeted marketing, which is known to fetch high ROI on marketing.

In conclusion

You may belong to a different industry, but cloud telephony is all you need to have streamlined, cost-effective, and smooth communication across all the channels and monitor the team’s productivity. This one tool has the potential to work par excellently in all areas. So, stop thinking about whether cloud telephony is the right thing for your business or not. Just grab it and enjoy its ample benefits.

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