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A personal injury attorney: Learn how they can help you

Written by Jimmy Rustling

It can be quite overwhelming to be injured in an accident. This is because when you leave your house, you don’t expect to get some injuries due to the wrongdoing or negligence of someone else. Unfortunately, an accident can lead to more damages than simply physical damages.

Most accident victims tend to suffer financial problems due to missed time from work as well as the medical expenses they incur to get treatment for their injuries. This is why you need to contact Marion personal injury attorneys to assist you to recover compensation for the damages. Besides, dealing with insurance claims can be challenging, so you want to have a lawyer on your side to protect your rights. This article discusses personal injury attorneys.

Acts of a personal injury attorney

A personal injury case usually involves the negligent actions of other people. These include automotive accidents, such as truck accidents and motorcycle accidents. A personal injury attorney can also deal with other types of transportation accidents like pedestrian accidents, bike accidents, aviation accidents, boating accidents, and many more.

You should also note that they can deal with cases involving premises liability, such as slip and fall accidents, negligent security, and animal attacks and bites. Medical malpractices, construction accidents, and nursing home abuse and neglect also fall under the category of personal injury cases.

Personal injury victims can be eligible for compensation for the injuries they sustained. These include loss of income, medical expenses, loss of companionship, mental anguish, loss of enjoyment of life, and pain and suffering.

You should remember that specific actions that your personal injury attorney can do tend to depend on the type of case, their specialty area, and many more. A personal injury attorney can often work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that they can charge a fee for their services after there is a settlement or jury verdict. Since they can finance your case, they make sure that there is a proper screening process and they assess the merits of the case. An attorney cannot handle a case that they don’t believe can lead to a successful outcome.

A personal injury attorney can also collect evidence that they can use to support your claim. This can involve getting any accident or police report. They can track down all the witnesses so that they have witness statements, take photos of the accident report, and retain evidence for the case like camera footage, property damage, or any other evidence. Remember that evidence can establish liability of the party that caused the accident as well as the extent of damages that you suffered. Evidence can include medical records, medical reports, employment reports, employment documents, and property damage reports.

You need to have exceptional negotiation skills to deal with insurance companies. And, personal injury attorneys often negotiate with insurers. They can check the policy details and figure out the amount of compensation available for your type of injuries based on the circumstances of your case. A lawyer can also deal with all communications with the insurer and prevent you from doing anything that can affect your claim like providing a recorded statement to the insurance adjusters.

A personal injury attorney can also send a demand letter on your behalf to an insurer after investigating your claim. Take note that this demand letter can state the details of the accident and demand a specific amount of money for the damages you sustained.

If the insurer doesn’t want to offer a fair settlement, then your attorney can file a complaint against the party at fault. The complaint usually has the legal arguments concerning the legal liability of the party at fault. The complaint letter can also state the amount of money that you are seeking. In most cases, the at-fault party has at least 30 days to prepare their answer.

Your attorney can also start the discovery process. These include sending people to interrogate the party at fault so that they can get information. This can also involve deposing witnesses, parties, and experts.

Lastly, if your case goes to trial, then your attorney can represent you in court. The good news is that most personal injury attorneys know the court procedures and customs and can make sure that they follow the required steps properly.

The benefits of getting an attorney

When you decide to have a personal injury attorney to help with your case, you can just focus on your recovery rather than dealing with insurers and claims adjusters. You can find some insurance companies that force accident victims to give recorded statements and sign medical releases. Remember that they do this without considering your interests. The insurance adjuster can also pressure you to get a claim before you understand the full extent of your damages and injuries.

This is why you should always have a lawyer so that they can prevent an insurer from putting a lot of pressure on you. They can also prevent the insurer from taking advantage of you when you are vulnerable. Your lawyer can assist you avoid making some mistakes that can damage your chances of receiving fair compensation for the injuries and damages you experienced.

Your lawyer understands what they need to prove fault and liability using a wide range of laws associated with injuries and accidents. The legal requirements to prove a claim tends to vary depending on the law applicable to your case. A lawyer can handle the investigation to identify the at-fault party and collect evidence required to prove fault.

It can be hard to determine the exact amount of money you can receive for your claim, especially if you are unfamiliar with personal injury laws. The insurer can pay less cash to settle your claim. Unfortunately, the insurance adjuster cannot tell you whether or not the amount they are offering you is worth it.

A personal injury lawyer can calculate the value of the claim based on the financial losses as well as non-economic damages you suffered. A lawyer knows how to utilize the evidence in your cases to optimize pain and suffering and non-economic damages.


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