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Important questions to ask when hiring an injury attorney in Brooklyn

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Safety is one of the most important concerns. It does not matter whether it is an incident at work or a car accident if there comes a situation when something major like this happens it is only the personal injury lawyer who can help. While looking out for the best injury attorneys Brooklyn based, it is important to prepare some questions that can ease down all the concerns. Because it is the lawyer who can help to deal with the insurance company if they don’t offer the right returns on the claims made. However, take time and research well while choosing the right lawyer.

Understand the role of a lawyer first:

Before moving on to hiring a lawyer, it is important to understand what a lawyer can do. Whether it is the injury case or the business case to handle, such experts are well versed with the legal formalities involved. The attorney makes sure that the injured party or the victim gets the right compensation for the claim made. The lawyers work very closely with the client and make the person feel comfortable. It is more like the role of a trusted advisor that a lawyer usually plays.

Questions to Ask before selecting the lawyer

How much are the fees to be paid?

There are some injury lawyers who work based on contingency. This means that the client will not have to bear any charges unless the money damages are completely recovered. If there is any kind of recovery to be made for the money charges and it is successful, then the r lawyer shall take the percentage as the reward that can vary between 20 to 40%.

In case of loss is the victim’s responsibility for the case related price?

This is one of the most common concerns that usually the client comes up with. The personal injury lawyer charges for any of the case related prices and they advance along with the contingency fee. It is important to speak with the lawyer who shall be handling such a case for the cost which is also called the out-of-pocket price during the personal injury lawsuit if it turns out to be not successful.

Has there any personal injury case similar to this made by the lawyer before the juries?

It is wrong to assume that a personal injury lawyer must have handled a certain case like the present one for which he is being hired. It is important to ask as many questions as possible to get an idea about the results and experience. If there has been a case in which this lawyer is being hired for a slip and fall accident then a personal injury lawyer who must have worked on such a lawsuit should be chosen.

How much time can a lawyer give on one case?

This gives clarity on how well the case shall be handled. There are so many lawyers who often make money and take too many cases at one time. This can be quite a mistake and hence, it is important to get clarity on the same. It would be great to ask the lawyer about the time that they can give one certain case especially if it is the personal one. Since stress is the most dominating factor in this whole situation, it is better to get a lawyer who is active in the personal case right now rather than in other cases.

What shall be the duration for a case to get resolved?

Usually, the personal injury lawyer can tell how after evaluating the overall case on how much time it would take for the case to get resolved. There are however factors that play an influential role to solve the case. But such a lawyer can give a rough idea of how long the case can go. It is important to make sure that the attorney that is being hired is commuted to resolve the case in less possible time so that mental stress will not extend further.

Is there a possibility for the case to go on trial? What could be the success rate?

There are many lawyers who simply from experience and knowledge can tell whether the case can go on trial and are there any kind of winning chances or not. The personal injury lawyer must focus on dealing with the case in such a manner that it goes on trial. This gives them time to prepare for the case and put it strongly in front of the jury. To be precise it increases the winning chances as well. This ensures that the injured party gets the fair possible settlement. If the case goes on trial, then it is important to hire a lawyer who has more winning records.

What could be the possible worth of the case:

The personal injury lawyers need to have clarity on what could be the possible worth of the case. It is important for the lawyer to give clarity to the injured party so that they can prepare their mind on the same. The lawyer must offer a spectrum and even give the right explanation on different factors like pre-existing medical issues, discovery and even liability which may have a settlement impact on the verdict. It is good to research the same and use the best possible judgment for evaluation to be made on the claims of the potential lawyer.


Choosing a qualified injury lawyer can be a daunting task. It is quite confusing at the initial stage especially for those who never had come across such a situation especially when it was the first time to deal with law firms and lawyers. There are so many injury attorneys Brooklyn based who can offer the best compensation to the injured party and thus handle the case successfully. That is why it is important to ask the questions stated above to get an idea in terms of the experience and knowledge of the lawyers to handle the cases.

Author: Haris Bojic

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