The Popularity of Live Dealer Casino and Games in 2021

Many casinos today offer a game mode that is played with live dealers. What is it, and why is it so popular in 2021?

Benefits of Games With Live Dealers

There are several live dealer casino features and details. Among the advantages of such games are:

  • excitement increases;
  • rivals are the same real people, not algorithms;
  • the game is played in real-time;
  • no need to go anywhere, observe the dress code, etc.;
  • the entourage of a real gaming establishment: there is a table, all the sounds accompanying the game are heard;
  • your winnings depend on luck, not on a random number generator.

How Does a Live Dealer Work in an Online Casino?

It is more convenient to play in live mode because you can personally observe all the actions of the dealer. Dealers necessarily use sign language in some situations to avoid misunderstandings. Some other actions of the croupier at the online roulette in live casinos are also strictly regulated. The dealer should:

  • start and finish betting;
  • spin the roulette wheel and launch the ball;
  • tell the winning number;
  • explain the game rules and announce the last drawn numbers;
  • congratulate the winners;
  • communicate with players;
  • help players in case of difficulties.

A professional croupier always offers clever assistance to players at the online table and will calmly conversate with players in any situation. Some gamblers prefer to actively communicate with the dealer and consider him to be an integral part of the game. It reminds them of the manner of playing in land-based gaming establishments because gambling is not only a strategy aimed at winning but also communication with pleasant people. Due to this, the game at live-casino is more exciting, and the process itself is more enjoyable.

Variety of Live Dealer Games

Today, you can play in live casinos not only from personal computers but even from mobile devices. Therefore, this area is actively growing and developing. The live dealer helps to make the gameplay a little more realistic than usual.

  • The live dealer shuffles the deck in this game (just like in a real gambling establishment). The croupier either cuts half a shoe or blows a few cards in the dark. So you have only luck, do not even try to count cards.
  • The only difference between roulette in an online casino with a live dealer and a regular non-virtual game is the speed of the game process. In live casinos, the play is a bit slower, but you see how the ball starts, you hear its knocking, how it slows down before selecting the winning sector.
  • The possibility of the presence of a live dealer made the baccarat game very pleasant thanks to the communication. The essence of the game in the good old days was not so much in itself as in conversations at the card table. Thanks to the presence of a live dealer, baccarat is enjoying growing popularity in online casinos.
  • The croupier reminds the rules of the game of the particular kind of poker, and there is also just communication with the player. The deck of cards is shuffled by a special machine, but the croupier deals the cards, and the player sees and controls everything.
  • Wheel of Fortune. The dealer starts the wheel, talks about the rules and features of the play, names the numbers that have won, and speaks with players.

Internet gambling establishments with live dealers emerged less than ten years ago and immediately became extremely popular. Any self-respecting online gaming institution will certainly have in the list a variety of games, in which there is a live dealer.

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