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Prevent, Don’t Regret! How to Help Prevent Child Abuse in Your Home

It sounds too good to be true: a magic formula that can circumvent child abuse and neglect. While there might not be a way to help prevent abuse for all the children in the world, there are steps you can take to ensure that your own children are safe and protected.

Of course, this is not a 100% foolproof formula because child abuse also happens in places outside the home. Religious institutions and schools are the main examples of this. However, there are certain methods which, if you practice, can circumvent abuse in your own home.

Before we dive into methods of prevention, it is useful to mention that recent law has accounted for old child abuse cases to be brought to light. Victims of child abuse can claim compensation and justice with the help of the state.

The new law means that no case gets lost and no child has to stay silent. Child abuse lawyers and attorneys such as Powers & Santola have taken this into account and they are helping abuse victims seek recompense.

Types of Abuse To Watch Out For

You might not believe yourself capable of hurting your own child. However, there are many ways that abuse can occur in your own home. Abuse is not only physical.

There are emotional, verbal and mental types of abuse as well. Children should not be subjected to any of these if they are to have a healthy, fulfilling childhood.

Watch Your Temper

The first thing to be careful of is recognizing your own triggers. If you have a propensity towards anger, for example, make sure you do not take out your temper on your helpless child.

Children can become afraid and traumatized if they get shouted at for their behavior. Rather, try speaking to them in a firm yet kind tone so they understand what they did wrong.

Make Sure to De-Stress

A stressed-out parent is a parent that may unknowingly subject their child to abuse. If you find yourself feeling stressed because of something your child has done, take a few deep breaths and tell yourself it’s alright.

Your child will make mistakes and you should let this go, instead of scaring them for the long term.

Pay Attention to Your Child

Children will often exhibit subtle signs to show that they have suffered some sort of abuse. If you pay attention to these, you can help recognize and stop abuse in its tracks. If you see your child becoming quieter than usual, or shutting off from family and friends, be sure to talk to them about it.

This is one of the first indications that they have been through a traumatic experience. Other signs to look for include sudden aggression, random bouts of fearful behavior and unexplained weeping.

These tips are useful if you want to give your child a safe, abuse-free environment. Children deserve to have loving attention given to them by their parents.

Furthermore, lawmakers should ensure that they are protected legally as well. It’s only this way that children can be protected from abuse and trauma.

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