Why Is Law a Booming Field Worldwide?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Today is the era of globalization where free markets rule the economic arena. The vast integration of financial and trade activities across the globe has resulted in a tremendous tech boom.

Technology as the driving force of every progress in the global industry is also imperative to incredible cost reduction in transport, communication, and manufacturing. Due to a significant boost in profitability in long-distance trade, novel trends of invention and innovation are propelling at velocity. However, the rapid pace in every sector of human society has brought about new legal challenges that must be catered to in an equally efficient manner. New subjects of legal importance such as international trade laws, labor rights, laws about cross-border services, and lawsuits for customer/employee protection are vital for guaranteeing self-assurance.

All these factors combined have made a law one of the most booming fields worldwide.

Understanding the Basis of Law

Law is a set of rules and regulations, and actions and conducts by the supreme controlling authority in a state or a region. The law is the binding legal force and requires inhabitants of an area to abide by it to maintain a just and unproblematic society. Those who decide to do otherwise could face sanctions or other consequences, also capsulated by the law.

For instance, turkey scrambling is illegal. However, most of us would not know that since we have never taken part in turkey scrambling. Although it is highly unlikely to get heavily charged for this crime, one might face jail for a month; it is still illegal in the law book. Hence, although the region’s inhabitants know about what is legal and illegal, there is still a lot of room for ambiguity, which blurs the line between major and minor crimes.

In this article, we take a broader look at why the law is becoming one of the world’s leading professions.

1 – High Earning Potential

No doubt, lawyers are highly valued and respected for their expertise all around the world. Most of them earn higher than any other profession associated with public service. On average, lawyers in any field would earn around $120,000 annually, according to the American Bureau of Labor Statistics. However, top-tier attorneys can easily make millions, depending on their clientele, experience, and success rate.

But, this does not necessarily mean that you would excel equally in every region. Therefore, to earn big bucks, get additional skill-oriented courses such as an online pre law degree and carefully choose your area of expertise. Moreover, for a promising career in law, work with reputed law firms during your early days and look to practice in metropolitan cities, where specialist lawyers are in high demand.

2 – Widely Respected Profession

In many countries, lawyers are a hallmark of prestige and dignity for their persona and generations to follow. Suppose you are qualified from a reputable law school with impressive scores. In that case, you can jump-start among the elite of the profession. People see lawyers as emblematic figures who enjoy a unique status within their professional fraternity and beyond.

3 – Opportunity to Serve

People see lawyers as their helpers in the most challenging and complex situations. Individuals, organizations, and groups reach out to them when they desperately want resolutions to their legal problems. The lawyers’ ability to steer a sinking ship to safety makes them a champion of justice in the eyes of others. The public regard them as the Robin Hood to their rescue in a time of legal crisis.

The lawyers, who provide legal assistance to those who cannot afford expensive attorneys, are admired as a beacon of hope in society. Similarly, bar associations worldwide also encourage lawyers to dedicate a certain number of hours for pro bono work each year. During this time, they may assist the unprivileged populace such as the elderly, children, students, sexual or domestic abuse victims, etc.

4 – The Intellectual Gratification

To work his way successfully as a lawyer, one must possess the intellectual wit. Only this way, an individual can enjoy the subject of law and solve daunting cases for his clients by taking them as a challenge. Lawyers who challenge their intellectual capacity can devise robust strategies for businesses and multi-million corporate clients. Besides, they can find an innovative and smart solution for critical situations, remarkably rescuing their clients.

5 – Diverse Practice Sectors

One can say that lawyers enjoy the most diversity in their field than all other professions in society. Industrial segmentation and the trend of specialization have opened up a wide array of areas that need legal assistance. Thus, lawyers don’t need to get training in specialized departments while attending other sub-specialties. Today, there are dozens of niche areas in law, such as criminal law, property law, family law, insurance law, civil litigation, copyright law, foreclosure law, and many others. All these attributes make law among the most diverse and booming field worldwide.


According to natural law, universal morals have been inherent in human beings throughout the entire time. It maintains that these inherent qualities must form a basis for a just and equal society. Human beings discover these natural laws from within by consistently making good and bad choices. Therefore, some schools of thought believe that the law’s abidance is instilled into human beings by divine presence. Nevertheless, to form a just and equal society, more people should take up the subject of law and serve the community with the best possible means.

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