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Why Should Businesses Hire a Lawyer Who Passed the GA Bar Exam?

Businesses can benefit significantly from the services of practicing lawyers who have passed the ga bar exam. These professionals have more experience and expertise to represent businesses in court if the need arises.

Some organizations may have to deal with a range of legal issues frequently. Improper handling of these issues may lead to heavy financial losses or forced liquidation. A reliable business lawyer can provide vital assistance for smooth operations from licensing and permit issues to IP protection issues.

Exhaustive Legal Knowledge

The Georgia bar exam is a comprehensive two-day exam. Candidates are required to attend MPT tests and MBE sessions to pass. The syllabus covers commercial papers, family law, professional ethics, non-monetary remedies, and corporate law.

Hence, a qualified Georgia lawyer has detailed knowledge of all these areas. They can employ this knowledge to help your business navigate its legal problems.

Practicing lawyers also have formal training in contract and sales laws, criminal law, and property laws. They can use this vital knowledge to draft business-related submissions, perform compliance and regulatory functions and help you make legally sound business decisions.

Holds a Certificate of Practice

There are around 32892 lawyers in Georgia. Still, over 20% of legal professionals who appear for the GA bar exam fail in it. A lawyer who has passed the exam holds a certificate to practice as a fully admitted lawyer.

Bar exams are specifically designed to test the lawyer’s caliber and analytical abilities. Lawyers and legal professionals who choose paralegal and consulting careers may not appear for the bar exams.

However, it is best to choose practicing lawyers for business advisory services since they have real-world experience handling complex legal issues. For instance, legal work associated with IP, trademark registrations, copyright protection, and product registrations is complex. An experienced attorney can help deal with legal disputes related to duplication, infringement, and theft of your intellectual properties.

Memberships and Additional Certifications

Besides the certificate of practice, a lawyer who has passed the state’s bar exam may also hold added certifications that boost their credibility. Additionally, these professionals may have memberships in several reputed boards and law-based organizations.

The professional network and reputation of the lawyer can come to your advantage when your business is in a legal fix. Practicing lawyers usually have large, organized databases of legal information, case laws, and other legal data they can use to help your business operate efficiently.

Well Versed in Court Procedures and Proceedings

The most significant benefit of choosing a practicing lawyer is access to legal representation. You will not need to find another legal professional to argue your business case in court.

Your in-house lawyer or consultant lawyer can assess the facts of your case and formulate essential strategies to ensure you win.

These lawyers can help you tackle workers’ compensation problems, negotiate with insurance companies, draw up necessary deeds and documents and help with litigation.

Further, lawyers who have passed their GA bar exams and engage in regular practice are well-versed in court proceedings, court etiquettes, and court filing procedures.

Judges and hearing officers are usually the deciding authorities in legal disputes. Your lawyer can communicate with court authorities and offer valuable legal advisory services to help you solve issues outside the court.

Enhanced Privacy

You could face several risks if sensitive business information falls into the wrong hands. A certified legal counsel is expected to adhere to legal ethics rules and principles like “attorney-client privilege.”  This rule preserves the confidentiality of communications between you and your lawyer.


You can reduce business risk associated with lawsuits and legal disputes to a considerable extent by hiring a lawyer who has passed the Georgia bar exam. These lawyers can help protect you and your business from financial and other losses.


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