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Meeting Scheduling Software – Social Distancing Made Easier

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Company staff members need to meet regularly to keep on top of what they are doing. Because people need to collaborate from time to time, scheduling a meeting room at an office location is a priority. A scheduling tool also makes social distancing easier, as participants can plan where they will sit and therefore make better use of the meeting space.

Making Meetings More Beneficial

One of the prized areas in an office setting is the meeting room. This is the place where employees brainstorm, watch presentations and receive assessments about their work as a team. Without the use of scheduling software, project team members can find it hard to collaborate.

So, how can meeting room management software benefit your business?

More Productive Meetings

A meeting scheduling software highlights seating arrangements in an office and offers an easier approach for updating work calendars and improving meeting attendance. Team members use a reservations application to review open times for meeting rooms using real-time information. Bookings are easily made, as you can check open dates and times, thereby allowing you to prepare any questions or discuss items you have on your to-do list.

Avoiding Scheduling Issues

By referring to a visual display, team members won’t walk into a meeting being held, as the scheduling technology shows when an already-scheduled meeting ends. The technology also allows users to add a board for conferencing that outlines each department’s meeting sites and times.

Increased Employee Morale

To take advantage of scheduling software, you need to use a tool that allows you to make the best use of meeting facilities. By taking this approach, you can realize the following benefits concerning morale:

  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • A boost in productivity and employee morale
  • Fewer disputes and frustration
  • An enhanced workflow
  • Better use of office space

A Cleaner Environment for All

When you schedule a meeting room, you can also keep track of the site to ensure it is prepped for the next meeting. This makes the room safer hygienically. For anyone making the transition back to work, this is vitally important.

Social distancing is made easier because you know what seat you will take and therefore can increase the space between you and another person. Also, you don’t want to enter a meeting site when everyone is leaving, which makes distancing more of a challenge.

When you have a scheduling software in place, you can control social distancing and keep employees safe. The new normal, with respect to distancing, is about 6 feet. Therefore, employees need to stand about 6 feet apart from one another. This requires accommodating employees with seating that meets this objective.

Also, visual aids that feature clear directions for pathways will keep everyone aware of their part in the process.

Adding Scheduling Software is a Smart Thing to Do

Having a software program in place that conveniently schedules meetings is a responsible and smart thing to do. If you don’t have the software already, you need to add the program to your IT platform now. Whether you use the app to book a meeting or a workspace, it is necessary to have it on hand. Without the software, you will find that social distancing is harder to implement.

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