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5 Signs You Need to Find a New Drug Addiction Treatment Center

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Drug abuse disorder is a mental condition that can translate into many other health complications. When you notice that you or your loved one is struggling with drug addiction, it would be best to seek rehabilitation on time. However, not all rehab centers will be suitable for your needs.

Suppose you discover that the rehab center you are receiving treatment is not fit for your needs; it would be best to change to a new one. Several factors would determine the decision of the rehabilitation center.

Here are some red flags to change rehabilitation centers, even in the middle of addiction treatment. Learn more where you can find a good treatment center.

Lack of Licensed Medical Staff in the Center

An efficient rehab center must have qualified doctors, nurses, and psychiatrists on-site to evaluate, diagnose, and treat your condition. Drug and alcohol abuse disorder affects both the mind and body; therefore, you may need physical and psychological care. A medical expert should evaluate you after the detox to start treatment.

In addition, you need to see a clinical team monitoring your progress in case of any emergency medical attention. If you do not see medical staff in the facility, it is a warning you need to leave. It is a matter of your safety and successful drug addiction treatment. However, you may need to learn some tips to identify the best rehab center.

One Treatment Plan for All Patients

Addiction is different to every patient and, therefore, unique needs for each. Every person visiting the rehab requires personalized care to cater to their needs. Therefore, if you find that a facility uses the same plan for all patients who seek drug addiction treatment, that is a red flag.

A team of professionals should run tests on you to determine your suitable treatment plan and medical history. If a rehab claims that their plan fits all patients, start looking for a better one. Research to find one that offers different programs for different addiction needs. Choose a good rehab center to help you recover.

Daily Drug Tests as a Requirement

Some facilities will require you to take drug tests daily and bill them on your insurance. Please shy away from that scam. It is a sign that they can make money and not take care of patients.

A drug test should take place once or twice a week, and it is shared across all legit rehab centers. Daily drug testing is unnecessary, and it is not a standard part of a drug addiction treatment plan. For more information on commonplace drug testing procedures, check out Texas drug testing laws.

The promise of Free Rent in Their Premises

Know that it is a scam when a rehab center offers you free accommodation in their sober living homes. Others may provide you with gift cards and other rewards to appreciate you for going to the center. As much as it is tempting to accept the gifts, think what it might indicate.

Remember that high-quality drug addiction treatment costs money, but insurance covers it. On many occasions, centers that offer free rent or gifts may be working with corrupt sober homes to reap money off your insurance. Therefore, to ensure that you find the best rehab center, do your research and avoid paid brokers.

Discover the Right Rehab Center for Your Needs

Drug addiction is hard to treat, but it is more annoying when redoing it. It is best to simplify the process by identifying a good rehab near you. Do the research and avoid making these mistakes.

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