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Talkspace Helps Parents Raise Better Children

Written by Jimmy Rustling

In these difficult times, it’s more and more important to take care of your mental health. However, for many people, this can be difficult. In some cases, it may even be outright impossible. Talkspace is trying to change that. Their mission is to make it both possible and affordable for everyone to have access to highly skilled and licensed therapists.

Unlike in-office therapy, Talkspace can be utilized to talk with a professional therapist through a private, text-based chat room. By using this stigma-free environment, it’s possible for those in need to live happier lives. Talkspace makes this possible by utilizing therapists with a modern understanding of therapy. This means that they are able to utilized advanced concepts such as attachment theory.

A Theory Backed By Ground-breaking Research

In the 1970s, prominent psychologist Mary Ainsworth developed a ground-breaking theory in human attachment. By conducting experiments with babies, she was able to understand how the bond between a child and caregiver shapes the well-being and emotional state of the child. Mary Ainsworth would proceed to call this research attachment theory.

This theory proceeds to explain the various styles of attachment that a child can develop. These styles include avoidant, ambivalent and disorganized. The final style is called secure and this is the most ideal connection that can develop between parent and child. It describes a bond where the child is comforted by the presence of their parent or caregiver. Secure attachment is crucial to the development of a child. In adulthood, a child with secure attachment can have higher self-esteem, better relationships with peers and many other benefits as an adult.

The other forms of attachment, however, can lead to a challenging life with difficulties when it comes to intimacy.

Developing Secure Attachment With A Child

Failure to develop secure attachment with a child is a scary thought for many parents. Through the use of Talkspace, however, it’s possible to find a skilled therapist that can help to solve this complex problem. Because early childhood is such a critical time for lifelong development, having a skilled therapist on hand for advice is a great boon for many parents.

By using this platform to talk to a therapist, it’s possible to get the best advice to ensure your child grows up in the best environment possible. A child that is encumbered with the wrong attachment style can grow up to have a very difficult time in the future. Insecure attachment can be a major factor when it comes to mental illnesses too. Humans are complex creatures and it’s all too easy to make a bad mistake before you know it.

Difficult Progress Made Easy

With a skilled therapist, it’s possible to identify many of the most common missteps that many parents make when raising a child. They help parents in need become self-aware of their actions and the consequences that stem from it. Although it may seem difficult at times, it’s possible to raise a healthy child that is well-prepared for life.


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