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Things to Know Before Buying Yoga Studio Software

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Yoga is a combination of physical and mental exercises combined with breathing techniques to meditate, relax, and attain overall wellness. With more and more people becoming aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle, yoga has quickly become popular. Thus, yoga studios have come up all around, and booking sessions before attending the classes is necessary.

A yoga instructor needs to keep an attendees’ database and ensure that clients can book conveniently, thus avoiding double bookings.


Initially, bookings were input manually, using the phone and a diary. Nowadays, it is possible to achieve this digitally, ruling out all manner of challenges such as over-booking that would otherwise occur. Double booking would be expected in manually made appointments, especially where the diary is accessible to more than one user.

Yoga studio software helps you, the instructor, organise your schedule conveniently, whether for group classes or one-on-one sessions. The software manages your bookings, payments, and customers. This software is essential, especially when you have to keep track of clients’ payments per session.

The studio software also offers live-streaming and on-demand video content. Customers can use this function when unable to attend a physical session, giving them the freedom to participate in the sessions at their convenience and without pressure. This flexibility of delivery affords yoga businesses growth opportunities as well.


A reliable software offers a digital presence for you, the instructor, and your team. It ought to be available to your customers and easy to navigate, carrying out the various functions. Receiving payments and issuing branded receipts for cash buyers, and be linkable to your accounting software is a bare minimum requirement for any suitable software.

Another feature to be included in the software would be a multi-buy option for your customers’ family and friends. This feature helps you maximise revenue through promotions, discounts, and a cancellation policy with a refund.

A decent software ought to accept card payments from clients, create passes, memberships, and offer free trial options that are paid for and tracked. It would be great to enable clients to sign up for courses, swap sessions, and drop-in.

Good software can link to your social media platforms such as Facebook, Telegram, or Twitter directly from the studio website.

Additionally, running and exporting reports to keep the business owner updated on business performance is a great function. Feedback and tracking of bookings, payments, attendance or registration, and any refunds payable are crucial to the business performance.

To encourage clients to book digitally, opt for a free yoga scheduling software. A suitable, reliable company like Gymcatch offers yoga sessions booking solutions for both the instructor and customer through the various features that come with the software.

Acquisition Process

A few pointers to consider before embarking on your acquisition process:

  1. Do Your Research

Multiple adoptions are available in the marketplace for yoga studio software. However, you need to make sure that they are legitimate, suit your needs and fit your budget. The packages provided are mostly standard, but you could come across some that are a bit more specialised, offering you better service options.

  1. Identify Your Requirements

What do you want the software to do for you? Make a list of all the tasks you need to be digitalised and ensure the provider can deliver.

  1. Link Options

Ensure that the software you buy can link your website to social media platforms to maximise client reach.

  1. Negotiate

Meet with the software provider and discuss the modalities of the installation process. Take this opportunity to negotiate on pricing, and remember to ask about after-sales services.

  1. Sign the Contract

Draw up a contract stipulating what each party must deliver, such as payment amount and the software features. Timelines are also a pertinent part of the agreement that needs to be captured. Contracts, because of their binding nature, should never be overlooked in transactions such as software installations.

In Conclusion

The beauty of yoga is that it doesn’t discriminate; anyone can take it up and reap its benefits. A yoga instructor can benefit significantly from digitalising studio operations by installing good yoga studio software.

Upgrade your systems today and maximise your revenues and customer reach.

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