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The Medical Use of Oxygen Sensors

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Clinical use oxygen is utilized for resuscitation and inhalation treatment, and clinical conditions. For example, shock, COPD, cyanosis, resuscitation, carbon monoxide poisoning, severe hemorrhage injury, cardiovascular and respiratory arrest, and life support.

Oxygen estimation techniques like the infrared, Clark-type, laser, radioisotope, ultrasonic, magnetic resonance, paramagnetic, and electron resonance are found particularly in scientific and clinical applications.

Sensoronics clinical oxygen sensors and analyzers are intended to persistently measure the nature of clinical-use oxygen, carbon monoxide (CO), and carbon dioxide (CO2) for patient safety. Especially passing through the clinic or facility clinical gas piping network or anyplace a medical gas outlet is accessible. These gases should be carefully controlled to follow current working guidelines. Learn more at

Oxygen Sensors for Ventilators

Zirconia oxygen sensors measure up to 100% oxygen. Zirconium dioxide innovation is compressed in size with high precision, an internal sensing component, and has a stainless steel construction. With an oxygen range from 0.1% to 100%, typical conditions for this sensor are to gauge ambient air levels of oxygen (20.7%). The danger in ventilators is if the oxygen supply was to find a hole into the unit’s housing, making a potential fire hazard. The oxygen-enhanced climate (>20.7%) will be recognized by the oxygen sensor and trigger an alarm for the user.

It’s essential to remember that oxygen sensors normally measure between 0.01-25% oxygen and can be utilized to check low oxygen saturation. Rare oxygen sensors that can gauge 0-100% oxygen are accessible; however, they will generally cost more. Our other devices are optical oxygen sensors or advanced galvanic oxygen sensors with brilliant stability and precision. All sensors are exposed to comprehensive testing for dependability and pressure at 100% oxygen.

Our applications give a reliable estimation of oxygen levels. They have plug and play innovation for a problem-free installation. The clinical oxygen purity monitor is an online analyzer for the estimation of oxygen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide for air separation and gas generation applications.

What We Offer

At Sensoronics, we design and produce clinical use oxygen and gas estimating systems, which are fundamental in screening and analyzing gases utilized in medical settings. We offer;

  • Trustworthy and precise estimation of oxygen: As needed in each patient-centered setting.
  • Portability: A convenient clinical oxygen sensor offering fast spot-check estimations of oxygen saturation in many medical circumstances.
  • CO and CO2 analyzer: A reliable analyzer for clinical gas applications.
  • Point of use analyzers: For the estimation of O2, CO2 for MAP applications.


All Sensoronics clinical ventilators should work with a unique oxygen sensor from Sensoronics, as peak execution of our ventilators is only perfect when Sensoronics originals are utilized. An oxygen sensor screens the gas’s oxygen concentration to be given to the patient – a very important task. The oxygen sensor’s proper operation is naturally checked at timed intervals by the ventilator’s integrated electronics. Sensoronics clinical gas measuring frameworks are intended to be adjusted to your particular requirements for your peace of mind as our client.

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