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Car Accident Chest Injuries in Texas: Everything You Should Know

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Texas is a large state with many big cities. If you drive in Houston, Dallas, or San Antonio, you probably know some serious traffic can accumulate. You must avoid car accidents, and you do that when you follow all traffic laws.

You can also find some very rural Texas areas. You might drive around small towns or desolate roads surrounded by tumbleweeds. You can just as easily cause an accident there if you’re not paying attention.

If you hit another vehicle in Texas, or if one hits you, you might sustain a serious injury. You might break a bone, for instance, or you could sustain a concussion if your head strikes the steering wheel or dashboard.

In this article, though, we’ll discuss chest injuries that sometimes occur during car accidents. These can change your life, so you should know all about them.

Filing Insurance Claims Following Chest Injuries

First, let’s go over filing insurance claims following chest injuries that happen during car accidents. Texans must file personal injury claims within two years. You should remember that number. You must file within that timeframe to get the money you deserve.

There’s one exception. If a child sustains a chest injury in a Texas car wreck, you, as the adult, can file for them. You can do that till they turn 18.

If they prefer filing the claim on their own, they can do that once they turn 18. They have two years following that date to file their insurance claim.

What Chest Injuries Can Occur?

Now, let’s discuss specific injuries that can occur if a car hits your vehicle in Texas or you hit another car. You might suffer internal bleeding. This usually happens if you constrict your chest during the crash. The seatbelt might do this.

You might damage a blood vessel, a vein, an artery, or you may sustain damage that impacts several internal organs at the same time. If that happens, a doctor might use a clotting compound that stops the bleeding. They might perform surgery if they decide that’s a viable option. They may also give you intravenous medication.

You may also have internal organ damage impacting the heart, lungs, intestines, liver, or something else. You might sustain a laceration. A doctor might perform surgery if necessary. They might also let your body heal on its own if they think you’re in no immediate danger.

What Other Chest Injuries Can Texas Car Accidents Cause?

You can also sustain a heart attack if you get into a car accident in Texas. When a vehicle hits you, you instantly experience stress and shock. That might jolt your heart and cause an attack.

If that happens, you must hope you can call 911 quickly or that someone else can do it for you. Your best survival chance occurs if you can reach a hospital before very much time elapses.

You might bruise or break your ribs. This often happens if the seatbelt holds you in position while another car rams into your vehicle. If you bruise your ribs, you will usually recover within a few weeks. If you sustain a rib fracture, you will face a longer and more painful recovery.

You can also experience a muscle strain. Chest muscle damage usually means you’ve hurt your intercostals. You can generally recover by using some over-the-counter pain meds and resting up for several weeks.

What Causes Texas Car Wreck Chest Injuries?

When another car hits your vehicle in Texas, if you sustain some chest damage, we mentioned how a seatbelt can cause that. Seatbelts can save your life, and you want one in place if another vehicle hits you. However, a seatbelt holding you in position can also harm you.

If the seatbelt locks in place while the other vehicle jolts your car, you might sustain bruised ribs, broken ribs, or the other injuries we mentioned. Still, it’s better you wear one, or the crash might kill you.

The steering wheel might also harm you. If another car hits you just right, you can bounce off the steering wheel, which can easily bruise your chest or cause even worse damage.

The airbag might also deploy, and it can harm you when it does. Sometimes, the airbags will deploy perfectly, and you’ll walk away without a scratch. Other times, how your body collides with the airbag can damage your chest.

What Can You Do Following Chest Injuries from a Car Accident?

When a Texas car wreck hurts your chest, you must figure out the best way forward. During the aftermath, you must decide whether you can keep working. Maybe you must recover for days, weeks, or even months afterward. Perhaps your doctor says you can’t work for quite some time.

You can see whether your insurance policy covers your lost wages. If another driver caused the car wreck and your chest injury, their insurance should help you.

If it doesn’t, you can go after the insurance company in court, provided you feel sure the other driver caused the wreck. If the other driver consumed alcohol before driving or anything along those lines, you will more likely win your lawsuit.

You must also make sure you’ve hired a reputable lawyer who knows about these personal injury cases. They can guide you throughout the legal process that should hopefully get you the money you need.

Maybe the accident hurt your chest so severely that you can’t drive anymore. Perhaps you must completely relearn some fundamental activities if you sustain serious, long-term damage.

You may need therapy if you feel sad or depressed following the wreck. You might also experience PTSD after the accident. You might keep reliving it in dreams.

Ideally, you can fully recover eventually. You can work and drive again. You can get past what happened and resume your life. Texas car wrecks with chest injuries happen all the time. You can probably reclaim your life following one with tenacity and courage.

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