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Things to do if you want compensation after a slip, trip or fall accident

A slip, trip or fall accident can happen anywhere and the saddest part is that it’s not even the victim’s fault. The law states that homes, parking lots, buildings and walkways must be kept tidy and maintained in the best possible way, so that travellers and passers-by can be safe while approaching them.

This responsibility is also known as premises liability. It defines the rule according to which  a person who is severely hurt after slipping, tripping or falling on a property because of the owner’s negligence, could receive compensation for his or her medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional trauma and even time off work, if it’s the case.

What are the steps that should be followed after a slip, trip or fall accident

If you or a person you love have been injured during a slip or fall accident, it’s important to take action and follow some steps immediately after the incident. The first moments are crucial if you want to build a solid legal case.

The first thing you are advised to do is hire a specialized lawyer. Nowadays, everybody has access to information and just by a simple online search with words like Philadelphia Slip And Fall Lawyers you will find many specialists willing to help. Furthermore, prices vary, so you can choose to work with someone based on your budget as well.

If you are hurt in a slip or fall accident, you have a limited amount of time for filling legal claims. An attorney will help you complete all the paperwork fast, no matter how confusing it is and will explain everything in easy understandable language.

Apart from hiring a slip and fall lawyer, you should also take the following important steps:

  • Immediate medical treatment is advisable – Your health is the most important, so if you or someone you love were hurt, see a doctor, get treatment and keep all the records. Paperwork will be important for building your case;
  • The accident should be reported at once – Another crucial step is to report the accident to a manager, owner or landlord. With this occasion, you should also make a written report;
  • Keep documents of everything – In case there are people who could serve as witnesses, ask for their names and contact details (phone, email). Suggestive pictures of the location can be useful as well (show stairs or other dangerous infrastructure that might have contributed to your accident). Don’t forget to date everything;
  • Don’t give any statements – keep your calm and communicate with the property owner in a professional way. Also, don’t talk to any insurance company until you talk to a lawyer and don’t mention your accident on social media;

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