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The St. George Gazette Is A Real News Organization And Is NOT Fake News

On April 16th, 2017 Snopes.com reported that the St. George Gazette is a fake news website located at StGeorgeGazette.com. This information is 100% untrue.

The St. George Gazette website and media organization was formed November 5th, 2003 and employees over 250 journalists, ad personnel, receptionists and other such employees. They are based out of St. George, Utah and have been a pillar of their community reporting local news and world news. They also operate such legitimate charities as Sock It Forward, which give out thousands of pairs of brand new socks to homeless men and women.

Because of the slander and libel actions of Snopes.com, legal action has been taken by the President of the St. George Gazette Legal and an initial hearing is scheduled in Arizona District Court on May 15th, 2017.

It is our official verdict that the St. George Gazette, with a website located at StGeorgeGazette.com, is not fake news and anyone that says otherwise is believing lies that were initially started by Snopes.com. Stay update on the latest legal proceedings of the St. George Gazette vs Snopes.com here at NewsExaminer.net.

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