Top Five Essential Skincare Products to Have in a Men’s Grooming Kit

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Men, are you curious about which skincare products would make for the ideal grooming kit? Do you want to be able to piece together a grooming kit that is complete and addresses all your skincare and grooming issues? Instead of buying all kinds of random pieces only to find out some are unnecessary, or that you’re still missing some important products, here’s a look at what the top five essential skincare products are for your grooming kit.

A Facial Cleanser Meant for Your Skin

One of the most important items in a grooming kit is your facial cleanser. There are all kinds to choose from nowadays that battle specific skin issues such as acne, redness, dry skin, aging skin, etc. Pick one that addresses your specific concerns.

You may find it necessary to change up your cleanser from season to season depending on how your skin reacts. For example, during the hot sticky summer months you may need a cleanser that offers oil control and acne fighting ingredients, whereas during the winter, extra hydration may be your main concern.

Facial Cream with SPF Protection

Next, you want to look for a multi-functional day moisturizing cream with SPF protection included. By picking up a cream that already contains SPF protection, you will cut down on the number of grooming steps necessary, and products you need to purchase.

Facial Exfoliating Product

While it’s not likely you will need to exfoliate your face on a daily basis, you will want an exfoliating product in your arsenal. This will help to slough away dead and dry skin and even dislodge ingrown hairs. Of course, this will make it much easier to get that close even shave.

Shaving Cream That Offers Moisture

Dry shaving is just about one of the worst things you can do to your skin, as it can lead to ingrown hairs, acne, and cuts. It’s best to lather your skin up with water, and then apply a rich moisturizing shave cream that will allow your razor to glide over your skin.

The Proper Razor for Your Skin Type

Lastly, you will need a razor. Now, before you just pick up the first razor you see, be advised that different styles and types of razors work best on different skin types. If you have sensitive skin, this is even more important as razors with nickel in them can be quite irritating.

Final Tip – Be Aware of the Ingredients

A few final tips to keep in mind as you piece together your grooming kit. It’s always wise to pay close attention to the ingredient list. This is even more important for those with sensitive skin and skin issues. Today there is a real push for natural skin care products that are safe and gentle on the skin. Companies such as Men’s Botanics, are making use of natural ingredients and botanicals to soothe, restore, and repair skin.

Some of the key ingredients you’ll want to watch for include witch hazel extract, shea butter, green coffee extract, and aloe vera.

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