Dave Grohl just broke his leg during a concert in Sweden and then keeps on playing

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From internalstatic on Reddit:

“I just came from this concert. Dave Grohl fell off the stage during their second song (Monkey Wrench), due to what I assume was a random misstep. Still in possession of the mic, Dave announced that he had just broken his leg. Medics arrived shortly and carried him off the stage. The rest of the band followed him backstage but soon returned to play a few songs without him. After those few songs, MEDICS CARRY DAVE BACK ONTE THE STAGE AND PLACE HIM IN A CHAIR. They continued to play for 2 hours after that, only taking a 5 minute break for Dave to have his leg put in a cast. Apparently they wanted to take him to the hospital but he refused, insisting to “keep playing until the doctor dragged him off the stage.” It was absolutely amazing, what a badass.”

Actual video of Dave Grohl falling off the stage:

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