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Written by Jimmy Rustling

Over the past decade, with new age wellness and self care trends, crystal jewels have elevated to a completely new level. With methods such as salt therapy and spiritual healing becoming

mainstream again, crystal jewelry would be one of the first trends to come into your head

when talking about alternative therapy or modern day healing methods.


Originating from the Greek word, krystallos, it literally means coldness drawn together. A

crystal represents several different things from different aspects.The crystal craze is not new

though.Crystal symbolism dates back to the last 5000 years. From the very beginning ,

crystals symbolized the qualities of manifestation of transcendence and purity. Crystals also

played a critical role in certain parts of writing in the 12th and 13th centuries. The stones

were used as a way to describe the beauty, love and the carnal desire towards the

protagonist’s love interest.

Some of the more known archaic uses are being used for healing and protection in ancient

Egypt; explanation of healing properties and how to cure illness using them in sacred Indian

texts; Ancient Greece and Romans took crystals to battle as a sign of protection. The

Chinese often used crystals for medicine.

Known for their allure and alleviating properties, crystals have slowly also become part of

another industry: couture. While earlier, they were carried for their luck and felicity, they

have slowly become a fashion trend. With brands like Tiffany and co. and Swarovski coming

out with their own collection of crystals, we see the hype behind the same. 


Crystals are conduits for the healing energies of Earth and emit positive, uplifting and calming

vibrations as per proponents. There are several types of crystals and each has a different

purpose and they all affect the mind and body in a distinct manner. Each kind is unique due

to their atomic and molecular movement. Although there is no scientific proof of crystals

having a sort of medicinal power, here we observe the placebo effect. The placebo effect

signifies the improvement in symptoms despite non active treatment. An example of the

The placebo effect is how we put our faith in the power of prayer.

Everything is made up of vibration. This isn’t some new-age fad; it’s been scientifically verified. The crystals you’ve been gathering and the crystal jewellery you’ve been wearing all have a unique frequency. As a result, when you wear a crystal, you are enabling it to change your frequency.


More on the healing properties, one of the most abundant minerals on Earth is Quartz which

makes it more in demand. It is revered for balancing the body and clearing the mind. Amethyst

sends out calming energies and is great if you have trouble falling asleep. Green Calcite, or

“Road opener” is known for giving a boost of energy. Citrine radiates positivity, euphoria and

Light. And these are just the start. These are some of the few thousand other types. If anything the crystals don’t harm. There’s a crystal for all your problems and these gems can add

positive energy. The power of faith is also astronomical.

Wearing crystals can enhance your general well-being in a variety of ways. For instance, crystals are said to improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being by influencing your energy centres (chakras) and aura. Crystals can also shield you against negative ideas, certain locations, or individuals that might otherwise drain your energy. When you’re feeling stuck or confused, you can use stones to help you find clarity. If you’re trying to improve your intuition, channel your higher self, or communicate with your angel guides, wearing crystals can assist.

Human bodies are dynamic organisms with spiritual energy always flowing through them and

while this does seem like a hoax to many, one must understand that the power of these

crystals lie in “the eye of the beholder.” Meaning it’s the human mind which holds the power

to let these energies affect you. An open mind is the key to the wonderful qualities these

beautiful stones offer. The human mind is powerful afterall.


Where did your jewellery come from, why do you have it, who bought it for you, and when? Your jewellery is a reflection of who you are! Perhaps you picked that one-of-a-kind piece to commemorate a special occasion, or it was given to you by someone special! Perhaps you picked it for yourself because you were drawn to it and liked the colours and design! Whatever meaning you have assigned to your jewellery, it is unique to you!

Choosing specialised crystal and gemstone jewellery for specific healing assistance may be a wonderful reminder of what you need to do for yourself in order to attain balance and healing in your life. Wearing a bracelet or ring with special healing characteristics can assist you subconsciously as well as consciously anchor your healing goals!

At this point, you are probably looking to invest in some quality crystal jewellery. If so, we suggest you explore ShopLC’s amazing range of shungite jewellery, or check out their collection of mens bracelets for inspiration on customizing beaded bracelets. In fact, by the time you’re done exploring, you may even have to get a good jewelry box to organize it all.

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