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Popular New York Street Foods You Should Try

Written by Jimmy Rustling

New York is not only known for its abundant Michelin-star and Zagat-rated restaurants; some of the best foods are on the streets. Most people might say the famous New York street foods are pretzels and hotdogs. But, you will be surprised to see how New York is brimming with diverse cuisines on just about every street.

Before we continue talking about the popular street foods in New York, make sure to bring a quick stain remover. Expect to get some food stains while exploring the streets in New York. It is better to bring a pen stain remover than regret your trip to the nearest laundry service in NYC.

Breakfast Cart Bagels

A common scenery in a rush street of New York, is a person holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a bagel on the other. There are several brick-and-mortar bagel shops around the streets of New York, but nothing beats the cheaper and more authentic breakfast bagel from a street cart.

Uncle Gussy’s

As we all know, New York has been iconic with their hotdogs and pretzels. Uncle Gussy’s started vending with it, but expanded and has become the go-to for traditional Greek dishes. Try their delightful range of Greek cuisines, Uncle Gussy’s is also known for their tasty stuffed pita sandwiches.

Find them at 51st Street in Midtown Manhattan.

The Halal Guys

You might find several sit-down restaurants of The Halal Guys in various cities of the United States. Still, nothing beats the experience of trying at its original food cart on 53rd Street and 6th Avenue in New York.

Check out their chicken and gyro and one of their popular dishes. You can mix and match several sauces and toppings with your dish, but do not miss out on their white and hot sauce. They are famous for a reason.

Sabrett Hotdogs

Hotdogs have always been classic American street food. You can have a taste of their cultural icon from the best vendor located at the Central Park. Sabrett hotdogs are loved by natives and tourists in New York. You can identify this quintessential Sabrett hotdog vendor by its blue and yellow umbrella.

Korilla BBQ

If you want to try the best Korean cooking street food, Korilla BBQ is the place to be. Do not miss out on their Korean-style burritos and Chosun rice bowls. You have to watch out for the schedules of their food trucks, their sit-down venues are in Midtown, Downtown Brooklyn, and Hells Kitchen, but their trucks change location daily.

Lumpia Shack

Another Asian cuisine you can find along the streets of Brooklyn. Unlike the regular lumpia street food, their plating is arranged artfully and drizzled with homemade sauce and garnished vegetables.

Indeed, one of the best things to discover in New York is new flavors. Find your favorite place, and uncover hidden mouthwatering foods and unique aromas. Just make sure to bring a stain remover to pre-treat food stains before bringing them to the nearest laundry service.

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