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Try out the Mass Gainer Shake Homemade Recipe

Mass Gainer is a supplement with a great blend of carbohydrates, protein, fats, and minerals but mainly it consists of carbohydrates and protein. Usually, the carbs and protein ratio in the mass gainer is 3:1, 2:1, or 5:1. People who are facing difficulties in bulk up and level up their strengths, usually prefer to have Mass Gainer.

Only mass gainer is not sufficient to help you gain muscle mass. You have to work out accordingly, to include clean calorie rich foods in your diet. Milk, eggs, seeds, meat, fruits, and calorie rich vegetables are some of them. 

Here you get the best and effective ways to use mass gainer so that your taste buds will not suffer and you get all the nourishment properly. 

  • Strawberry and banana Mass Gainer Shake: Banana is already filled with high calories and other important nutrients. Strawberries taste great. The combination of both offers you the best nourishment for muscle gain.Take a glass of milk in a jar. Pour banana and strawberry slicers in it. Now add one or two scoops of mass gainer in it. Now blend it until the lumps in the shake are gone. 
  • Green leafy vegetables mixed Juice: Summer has arrived, now it is the best time to keep your body cool while bulking up. Right level of nutritions is quite helpful in keeping your body cool. Just including your mass gainer with mixed vegetable juices with green leaves can help you to provide all the required nutrients. Maybe it doesn’t sound very tasty and also not very tasty as you drink it first. But believe me slowly you are going to love it. And get the required nourishment. 
  • Nuts and seeds Shake: To make your mass gainer shake enriched with protein, clean carbs, good fats, omega 3 fatty acids, and other nutrients, the best thing is to have it in nuts and seeds shake. Just take the nuts and seeds in the jar. Blend them till you get them in small pieces. Now just add a glass of milk and blend them. Now add one or two scoops of mass gainer as per your requirements and mix it till you get the smoothie. Your high calories mass gainer is ready with great taste. 
  • Chocolate and peanut butter shake: Want a yummy solution for muscle gaining ? Chocolate and peanut butter shake is what you should go for. Just add chocolate, peanut butter in milk and shake it properly with the help of blenders. Add your mass gainer supplement in it as per your requirement.  


Everyone who is facing difficult times in growing muscles and strength must consider the mass gainer only after a health expert’s recommendation. Don’t just rely on supplements, meals can’t be replaceable. Add clean calories rich meals in your diet as much as possible. Don’t skip exercises, always prefer to do heavy weight exercises under guided supervision. Never compromise with your sleeping hours as your muscles recover and grow in this time fastly. Happy and healthy muscle gaining. 

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