Internet of Things and a flourishing online gambling industry

Sport has an ever-increasing reliance on technology. From VAR in Premier League football to Hawkeye in Grand Slam tennis, the tech introduced to assist referees and officials continue to split opinions amongst fans. Since VAR was introduced to the top level of English soccer, we’ve seen far more correct calls but at the expense of more interruptions to a game that was meant to be free-flowing, fast-paced, and entertaining.

Another area of sport that has been changed almost beyond all recognition is sports betting. Over the last decade, we’ve seen the sportsbook industry move from high-street betting offices and land-based casinos to online with wagers placed using desktop computers and the best sports betting apps. Cash stakes were traded for electronic transfers as betting appealed to millions more people.

Those who didn’t have the time to enter a casino to make sportsbook bets or people who were, perhaps, put off by entering a bookies’ shop could now get involved. Bets placed from the comfort of your own home ensured gambling was more inclusive than ever before.

The impact of technology

Betting has been impacted by technology, mostly online but also in betting offices through self-service gambling machines and cashless bets. New technologies like AR, VR, and IoT are having a huge say in the direction online betting is taking, opening up new possibilities to both bookies and bettors. Tech has become so important in betting that, in order to be successful and ensure a steady stream of new customers, a betting app must offer players the latest technology, continuously pushing the boundaries and opening new avenues.

IoT – the Internet of Things – is the latest arrival at the online gambling industry to cause a stir. Everyone with an interest in betting is excited by the possibilities offered by IoT. Only the most famous online bookmakers have moved to pave the way, but, following the early success and amazing feedback, more sportsbooks and joining the movement.

If you are a follower of tech and would like to know how IoT will impact the gambling industry, or you are a bettor who is constantly looking for advantages and ways to give yourself an edge over the bookies, you’ll want to continue reading this article. We explain the ways in which IoT could change the online betting industry using data collection and transmission through intelligent devices that we can all gain access to.

The aim of this article is to give our readers a better understanding of the current state of the gambling industry and how a knowledge of tech such as IoT can improve your chances of making a reliable profit from betting.

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Why the IoT is important

We already know that, in its simplest form, the Internet of Things is a network of devices that are connected to the internet and have the ability to communicate with each other. This is every device that is connected to the net, including smart devices. This can be anything from your Android and iOS smartphones to household appliances like toasters and cookers, lights, and home security cameras. This allows you to connect devices and make instructions using your mobile device from anywhere in the country.

It has made a difference to many aspects of our daily lives, so much so it would be difficult to imagine life without IoT, certainly in business and communication. If you think of the smart home concept, you’ll have a better understanding of how IoT works. But we already know all about the wonders of IoT and smart devices, but what’s that got to do with online gambling, you might ask, and you’d be right to pose that question.

If you think of the smart home set-up, turning on and off devices using your mobile, as a basic form of IoT, it becomes obvious that there’s far more to it than you may have thought. Most people only scratch the surface of what IoT can do, but finding out more is worthwhile.

IoT allows huge amounts of data to be stored and shared throughout a business. It’s this that makes online gambling possible as it allows bettors to prove they are old enough to gamble and the betting firms to collect data. This information gives them a clear picture of your betting habits, including stakes and the sports you like to wager on. Next time you log on to your betting account, the chances are you’ll be met by a list of your favourite sports and competitions, such as the English Premier League or NFL. You can now cut through the hundreds of sports fixtures and the thousands of betting markets to those you have the most interest in.

IoT in betting

In its basic form, the Internet of Things allows bettors to gamble from anywhere in the country using a smartphone or home computer. You can access your online betting account using face recognition, transfer funds from a paired debit card or e-wallet then make bets on the outcome of an upcoming sports match. You can even watch the match through a live stream on your handset, enjoying an HD quality feed with clear sound, no buffering, and expert commentary. Bet, watch and, if you spot a trend or pattern when following the game, place another wager in-play. This is all done in a matter of seconds.

The benefits of IoT extends to land-based betting. Suppose you visit your favourite casino with the intention of enjoying an evening at the roulette table – spinning and winning. Tech is used to allow customers to sign in by swiping a card, entering a password, or using face recognition. The effects are far-reaching, with smart lights and security measures. You can now bet at a casino with minimal human interaction if that is your thing. This is just one of the reasons the gambling industry was able to not only survive but thrive through the coronavirus pandemic, limiting human contact.

What about the plastic chips used at casinos to cover your wagers? Surely there isn’t a need for those to be smart? Think again. The gambling chips are now fitted with RFID chips which makes them virtually impossible to lose, steal or forge. This is something that has increased security in the gambling industry, and it has been well received by both bookies and bettors.

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