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3 Easy Steps To Convert Word To Online For Free

You must be wondering why people are switching to PDFs. May it be in school or work, or businesses, or even on online publications, PDF has become the most shared and frequently used file format in this day and age. And that is because PDF makes it easier and more convenient than ever to share documents between different operating systems and devices, which adds to a trouble-free file sharing experience.

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a “read-only” document, which means that people can only view the file and can’t make any modifications. Plus, it is very easy to upload PDF files, download them, share, and print them. It can also be interactive, for instance, when the file has a hyperlink, the viewer can be directed to the link by clicking it.

Where To Convert Word Files to PDF

There is a wide selection of online sites that provide a handful of tools and services to accommodate your PDF-related needs. A lot of them commonly offer conversion, organization, optimization, security, viewing, editing, and e-signing. To name a few, check out GogoPDF, PDFBear, Sejda, PDF24 Tools, Small PDF, and many more.

These sites are free and accessible by any browser and any device, as long as you have an internet connection. Some also have offline services if you download their desktop versions, which are also free. Feel free to try out which site is best for you, and if you wish to work with more features, you can go a step higher and avail of their premium membership. Prices are usually ranging from $5 to $10 a month, but they also offer free trials.

Now that we have settled the whys and wheres, we are going to tell you how to convert word doc to PDF online for FREE.

Step-by-Step to Convert Word Files to PDF

1.    Upload your Word file

First things first, upload the Word file you wish to convert to PDF. You can do this by clicking “Select A File” or “Browse Files.” After selecting the file, click “Open” and your file will automatically be processed for conversion. You can also just simply drag and drop your files to the server.

Most of the sites have a pro feature that allows users to convert multiple files in one go. Premium plans can actually be worth the money and time, especially if you’re dealing with files on a daily basis. You can go through their free trial period. There’s really nothing to lose.

2.    Wait for your file to be converted

Once your file is uploaded, it will be processed and the conversion will start immediately. The waiting period would typically take a minute or less depending on the file size and your internet speed. But other than that, the conversion from Word to PDF is quick and you don’t have to adjust settings and whatnot.

3.    Download or share your PDF file

This is the last and final step! When your Word file is successfully converted to PDF, you will be directed to another webpage and a “Download” button will appear. Click the “Download” button to save your file to your computer or mobile device. You will also have the option to share your file via email by typing in the sender and recipient’s email addresses. There will also be a generated shareable link that you can copy. It would be very helpful if you’re planning to send the file to multiple people. With that link, they can freely download the converted PDF file.

Your files will never be stored on the site and they will be deleted in a few hours or days after conversion, so your files are safe!

Optional Step:

We mentioned before that it is doable to protect your PDF file with a password to add another layer of security. You can lock your file with a password by making use of the Protect PDF Tool, which you’ll find in the tools presented. It’s also simple and easy as pie. All you’ll do is upload the file to the server and enter the password you will lock it with.

Ensure that you and your viewers know and remember the password!


Creating files is already work. Imagine when the file is opened, and it is not what it’s supposed to be. It’s going to be stressful and we don’t want that, right? Think of PDF files as a treat! The content of a PDF file will look exactly the same for everyone viewing it whether they are using different devices or not. This gives file owners and viewers assurance that the content and format are definite and that they are both on the same page. Also, PDF files are compact and the size can be compressed without having to sacrifice its quality. And there is also no need to worry about sharing private and sensitive information with PDF files because it can be password-protected and you can only allow authorized people to view the file if you want. This is your call to switch from Word files to PDF!

Also, one reason it is very much favorable to many to just convert their Word files to PDF online is because saving them one by one as PDFs is so much of a hassle. There is definitely no reason for you to go the hard way when there is a better, easier, and faster technique!

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