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PDFBear: A Must-Have Tool During the Work From Home Setup

The start of 2020 made significant changes in the way people work and accomplish their tasks. While society confronts the deadly virus,  you, as an employee, face numerous digital files. It was due to a work arrangement that you agreed to so that you can help lessen the threats of getting the virus.

At first, you probably enjoyed working in the comforts of your own home. But eventually, as your workload increases, the more you would want to go back to your office. The new setup becomes difficult because you have to manage multiple documents at once, such as monthly reports and financial records. There are times that you might need to convert, merge and repair these documents. It might cause you unnecessary stress. Don’t beat yourself up because these tasks are a piece of cake when you use PDFBear.

What is PDFBear?

PDFBear is a tool you can use to better organize and switch your files from one format to another. It is one of the most beneficial online tools since it offers a wide variety of features. One of them is a PDF Reader that will help you view the file whenever you need to. Aside from that, it still has over 20 tools that you can explore. Using this online tool, you can perform all your tasks related to your digital documents in just a few seconds. It is committed to providing a fast but high-quality service.

Allows free access to its features

If you are having a hard time with your finances, you must use free online tools. PDFBear will not charge you any amount for using its services. You no longer need to allocate a part of your salary to be able to convert, merge, and even repair documents. A device with a working browser connected to a stable internet connection is the only thing you need for you to use the website successfully. There is nothing more you have to do nor buy.

A safe online tool

You might be thinking if it is safe to upload your documents on its website. Being cautious of your confidential information is necessary now more than ever. The online tool considered this concern, which is why it uses a strong security system. A lot of its users can testify to the level of safety the website provides.

Functional using any platforms

PDFBear is accessible regardless of the operating system you use. You can also use any browser when you want to visit the website, such as Chrome and Internet Explorer. There are no restrictions when it comes to these aspects. That is why it is one of the most accessible tools online.

Take advantage of PDFBear’s free tools!

Without a doubt, you would want an online tool that is offering its services without monetary payment. You should also consider the tool’s functionality. PDFBear satisfies both of these considerations. To give you a glimpse of what this website can provide, below are a few of its offered services.

PDF Reader

Without a PDF reader, it would be impossible for you to instantly open, sign, share and print a digital document. It is necessary for your everyday life as a virtual employee. You can do all these tasks in just a few clicks on your device’s screen. Instead of installing an application that has a complicated interface, use this tool instead.  To read a PDF file, click the PDF reader and upload it to the toolbox. The tool will analyze and open the file as soon as possible.

Convert documents to and from PDF

File conversion is one of the most in-demand tools nowadays. It allows you to transform your files into the appropriate format. If you use the website, you can perform the conversion process in just 4 steps. You only need to upload the file. After that, the tool will automatically convert your file. Once the converted file becomes available, immediately download it.

Merge PDF

The merge PDF tool of PDFBear proves to be very helpful when combining two or more PDF documents. The waiting time for the process to finish is very short. Despite merging quickly, it does not sacrifice the quality of the new version of the file. It will still have a high-quality content that you can read comfortably.

The first thing you need to do is to upload the documents on the tool. It will immediately combine the two documents into one PDF file. If you are planning to share it with other people, you can directly do so by using the website. If your local storage is already full, it will give you an option to save it on your google drive or dropbox.

Repair PDF

Repair PDF has the highest recorded users among the features of PDFBear. It is one of the must-haves during these times. There is always the threat that your documents may turn into corrupted files. Most of the time, you don’t know what to do to recover it. So here is a repair PDF tool that you can access on the website. It will try to recover the file. If the process becomes successful, you can access its content again. Upload the damaged file on the website. Once done, trust that the process would turn out well.

Delete PDF Pages

In cases that you found unnecessary pages on the document, you can always delete it through PDFBear. Locate its tool used for deleting PDF pages. Then, select the file that contains the pages you want to delete. Mark them and click the apply changes button. Finally, the updated PDF file is ready for download.

In a Nutshell

Dealing with digital documents can make you feel overwhelmed. Before working from home, you probably considered it as an easy task. Missing the fact that you need to convert, organize, and even repair documents regularly. With PDFBEar becoming widely available, your working condition will significantly improve. Despite having a lot of competitors, it dominated the digital world easily. So to help you keep up with the pile of documents you need to manage, visit its website now!

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