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5 Effective Ways to Keep Your Team Happy at Work

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The secret to increasing productivity at work is simple: Make your employees happy. Naturally, a happy employee is a productive employee. You don’t need statistics to conclude that. When employees go to work bored and unmotivated, the quality and the amount of work that they produce is simply affected…and oftentimes, for the worst.

As a business leader, it is your responsibility not just to increase productivity and effectiveness within your organization, but also to make sure that the people who work for you are satisfied and content with their jobs. These top five surefire ways should be able to help you achieve that goal!

1. Acknowledge a job well done.

You’ll be surprised to find out how a simple verbal thanks for a job well done or an email of appreciation can go a long way. If a member of your team has solved a long-standing problem or has shared a million-dollar idea during a meeting, don’t forget to acknowledge it and praise that person.

While a casual thanks may seem like a cheap way to do so, it is one impression that sticks to an individual until the end—and eventually keeps employees happy and motivated to work day after day.

2. Customize your rewards.

Cash rewards are too generic and just show your employees that you haven’t really taken the time to get to know them and what they really want. When you personalize your rewards according to the needs of the recipient, it makes the gesture sincerer and more thoughtful.

You can award an infant play gym to the achieving employee who just gave birth months ago, or a new racket to that one team member who loves tennis. When it comes to team rewards, make sure to keep company culture in mind. Taking your team out for happy hour when most of them do not drink can be a bit of a turn-off.

3. Look after their wellbeing.

With the amount of work that you face each day, it’s easy to forget that your employees are still humans. To keep them happy at work, always keep their health and wellbeing in check. A company wellness program should help your team members to be more conscious of their health and to overcome any health-related concerns.

A wellness program may include providing employee health benefits, wellness incentives, and other health-related features. An onsite clinic that’s complete with new and updated health monitoring equipment, such as the Nellcor DS-100a pulse oximeter, should be an added benefit that will attract future employees to your company.

4. Be transparent.

Rewards are not the only solution to keeping your employees happy. In fact, research shows that transparent and honest communication within the organization keeps them just as engaged or even more. Keep your employees in the loop and be candid when communicating with your team. This does not only foster honesty within the company but also gives employees a sense of purpose and fulfillment in their careers.

5. Let them be themselves.

Sometimes, conforming to strict and set-in-stone rules can constrict one’s creativity and lose their gusto for their work. It won’t hurt to let your employees be their most authentic selves. Give your staff the freedom to express their individual styles through the outfits that they wear to work every day. It does not only allow them to express their creativity but also keeps them comfortable and possibly even more productive at work. Just remind them to choose outfits that are still respectable and presentable to clients and customers.

These steps may seem like minute efforts that you can’t be bothered with, but they make a huge difference in making sure that your employees find true happiness and satisfaction in their jobs.


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