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Why employees should engage with the business’s security measures

Written by Jimmy Rustling

One of the widely known strategy to optimize business is strong employee engagement, something that every company, regardless of size, finds challenging to achieve. Research company Gallup released in their 2015 report that only 32 percent of employees in the United States are enthusiastic and committed in doing their jobs. The global number is even worse, with only 13% of employees around the world feeling engaged with the jobs they have. The discouraging figures may have improved in the next years as more employers have realized that corrective measures must be implemented to resolve this important matter.

In the sphere of employee engagement, successful employers must able to get each and everyone’s commitment to become responsible and accountable in all aspects of employment. The agreement includes following the security and safety measures in workplaces, and even extending to the requirement of becoming physically, morally, and mentally fit. That is why passing the drug test is among the minimum requirements to retain employment. If you are looking for a substitute for Urine to pass a drug test, you can check  quick fix urine online.

Reduces workplace stress

If there is one thing that you strive while fulfilling your job religiously, that would be minimizing or even eliminating all sources of stress at work. While it seems impossible that life at work is without challenges, we do not want to be overburdened at the end of the day. Through the security rules and other safety guidelines of each company, workers feel secured in doing their jobs without thinking that something adverse may happen to them.

Increases work productivity

A business that thrives against all odds and competition did not achieve it by mere luck. Because businesses targets to maintain good stream of profits and remarkable growth, they need to seriously plan and meet all contingencies, execute well-thought strategies, and invest in anything that can make them feel secure. The end of all these necessary measures is to assure that work productivity is maintained to meet the demands of the business. If the employees have committed to take part in keeping the office secure, no work will be delayed and inconvenience to your clients and customers becomes an impossibility.

Benefits both ways

Employee engagement in security matters do not only benefit employers, but also significantly improve the lives of their employees. As employers aim to have a seamless operation, employees hopes nothing but keeping their jobs without any form of harm inflicted unto them. Without any security or safety breach, the business will operate normally without additional cost. The employees can perform their tasks effectively without any distrust or insecurity. As the relations between employers and employees are built in trust, it is incumbent upon the parties to maintain their confidence by placing security measures in workplaces.


Securing workplaces is not only the owner’s duty, and every person on board shall have a fair share in maintaining the security of place of business or work. It is rather a collaborative effort among all parties, and that is why employees should engage in the execution of all security measures in the company.


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