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5 Modern Safety Features That Your Car Must Have

Car accidents have been increasing at a rapid pace from the last couple of decades, and as a result, more and more people are incurring car-related injuries. As a result, the businesses of competent injury attorneys like the Seattle personal injury lawyer are touching the sky. There are various ways you can adopt to help your recovery after an accident, but such incidents shall not happen in the first place.

You may already know about various tips to protect yourself from car accidents, but one aspect of road safety is often forgotten, and that is the safety of your car. Therefore, we have listed here five modern safety features that your vehicle must have so that you can save yourself from the wrath of life-altering car accidents.

  1. Adaptive Cruise Control:

Adaptive Cruise Control is an incredibly useful safety feature that has become a norm in most of the modern cars. It employs sets of sensors and radars to maintain a safe distance from the vehicle in front. It works by locking the vehicle ahead and engages accelerator to speed up if the gap with the vehicle in front increases and apply brakes when the vehicle in front starts to get closer than the safe limit.

  1. Collision Alarm and Auto Anti-Braking System:

In previous models, the sudden application of brakes during a contingency resulted in locking of tires that made the cars impossible to maneuver. But, recent technologies have introduced an anti-lock braking system, which is often coupled with a collision alarm system in modern vehicles. It employs sensors and radars to gauge the obstacles ahead and sounds an alarm to warn the driver of the possible collision. Collision alarm systems that work with the auto-braking system engage brakes automatically when the driver fails to respond within the safe time window.

  1. Adaptive Lights:

If you already have a robust set of headlights, you may not want to consider another pair of headlights. But, once you try adaptive lights, your life will be much more comfortable. It has been reported that using adaptive lights can significantly reduce the likelihood of accidents because they automatically change their beam intensity according to the outside light, steering wheel movement, and speed of the vehicle.

  1. Lane Departure systems:

A lot of car accidents happen due to reckless shifting of lanes without engaging the turn switch. Sometimes, it happens due to reckless driving, while on the other occasions, drivers tend to fall asleep behind the wheel, and the vehicle starts to tilt off the road. Lane departure system uses a front camera to map out the lanes and blare a warning when the driver begins to shift lanes without engaging the indicator.

  1. Electronic Stability Control (ESC):

ESC is one of the most vital breakthroughs among car safety features and is present in most of the modern cars. Its primary function is to maintain the stability of the vehicle and prevent it from tossing off the road. ESC works by employing its computerized technology to sense the loss in steering control and then engages the braking and steering system to bring the car to the right track. Some advanced ESC models also can reduce the power of the engine so that it gets easier to maneuver the vehicle back where it should be.

Now that you know all about the mandatory safety features of a car, it is paramount that you keep them in mind when you go on to buy your next vehicle so that your chosen one is equipped to save you from road calamities.

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