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5 Ways to Increase eBay Feedback | eBay Feedback Examples

Almost everyone knows about eBay website – it’s a place where global consumers aspire to find an appropriate item reasonably priced. Most Internet surfers prefer this international buy/sell platform due to its transparent operations, safe transactions, big variety of goods. Sellers find much more benefits, having valued eBay platform high. That’s why most each vendor wants positive eBay feedback to continue his commercial activity with better rating.

Why eBay – feedback as a key to success

International retailers get great SEO benefit, low fees, new affiliates on the well-known worldwide marketplace. Good eBay reviews written by customers are well-demonstrated trust factor. So business representatives try to get hold of positive feedback as much as possible. They understand – eBay feedback stars show high-quality service, company’s trustworthy reputation.

But there’s one more challenge – clients forget about review posting sometimes. Loyal customers may be fully satisfied with production, delivery terms, communication. But the final step is not done unfortunately for eBay seller – feedback was not written. Here’re five tips – stop losing your thankful comments.

Increase eBay feedback quantity – is it real?

Some vendors might think – here will be shown illegal ways that aren’t worth any attention. No, our main idea to make a process of review sharing easier. Enhance rather new experience with us! Don’t miss your chance of business scaling – all offered methods are considered legal, well-understandable, effective ones.

#1 Be the first

It’s possible to increase eBay feedback number while acting firsthand. It means that consumers shouldn’t wait for customers’ reaction. If transaction was successful, write some good words about your experience with new client. Or maybe it was a new order from your standing buyer – favor him with pleasant phrases. You might even highlight these valuable facts of long-term partnership, regular purchases, etc. You’ll see – people love attention. Most consumers will respond with grateful comment.

#2 Don’t avoid criticism – eBay feedback examples

Some retailers are afraid of negative reviews too much. Yes, unpleasant words can be harmful for your business. Try not avoid criticism – even when you’re guilty of something. Just answer, be polite, suggest something. Show your professionalism and humanity. Among eBay feedback examples (here’s a list of good templates – use them for posting after new eBay deal) could be found absolutely negative texts about bad experience:

I was waiting for my jeans almost 2 months. When I got a parcel I was shocked totally – the box was empty! Only screwed paper, cardboard. What’s going on?

It’s a pity, but this careless vendor answered nothing. You may act your own way. Excuse, find an appropriate solution and change your angry client’s opinion about happened situation. For instance, seller’s answer might be so:

Dear customer, we’re terribly sorry for such blasted nuisance you felt. Our company faced with dishonest delivery organization that lost all our parcels sent on the 20th of September 2019. To suppress evidence, our ex-partner responsible for shipping, sent empty boxes to all our buyers in September. We don’t exonerate from responsibility, but want to put the record straight. Legal proceedings we have now will not satisfy you, so our company is going to send you your parcel as soon as possible. Additionally, we guarantee a 25 % discount for all next purchases.

Your potential customers, simple Internet surfers have to be sure that you’re a reliable seller with the most serious approach to each client. If you avoid negative feedback, website visitors may consider your retailing company as a bad-hat one.

#3 High initial response

Try to contact your customer ASAP – having phoned, let your managers to remind about writing reviews. Explain that it is important for your company – it’s some kind of brand awareness. Marketers recommend acting the following way both with new buyers and standing consumers:

  1. Tell all first-timers you deal with about your special offer – having posted a hard-hitting eBay review, each one gets a 5% discount (other variants are possible).
  2. Tried-and-true standing clients understand well that you want to make a loud name. So their high-level loyalty will be helpful – just draw their attention to new feedback.

#4 Only high-quality production

Any efficient methods will be absolutely ineffective, if your goods aren’t qualitative. This commonplace truth is often dismissed. You’ll change anything when 90 % of your negative comments about low quality of orders. Orient business towards first-level service range – let catalogs stay free of cheap, needless trash.

#5 Keep yourself apprised

Every business representative must watch news concerning efficient marketing, stay tuned about novelties for following up increases, innovative monitoring instruments. Our next article narrates about interesting tools for eBay sellers while unveiling details of digital commercial world.

Nevertheless, one program deserves your attention. Highly-expert team of LendGenius company developed a special personal loan referral program – most entrepreneurs found this program very helpful. 

One way or another, the main idea of feedback is to help other Internet users to pick sides with the most suitable choice of vendor. It is for you to decide – make a good name with the help of positive reviews or live in the shadow. 

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