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A Temp Agency Toronto and How It Works

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Businesses are fond of hiring a temp agency Toronto to do recruitment work for them. Because temp agencies are always in search of different talents, they give them the best results.

Today, the gig economy is on the rise. People are generally embracing temporary jobs demanding their skills. This trend breaks the traditional believes that one can only be employed permanently. A temp agency Toronto is relevant today, and its services are on high demand. Here are some things Team Global / MSM wants you to know.

1 Definition

A temp agency Toronto is a firm that works with companies on temporary contracts. They can be specialized in a particular field, or generally.

2 How they Work

One of the distinctive qualities of a temp agency is it is responsible for the employee. The employee only provides labour to the contracting company. The temp agency, however, deals with the screening, interviews, placements, and payments.

It is upon the temp agency to do the scheduling of the employee and handle any misconduct. If upon being placed to the company, the employee does not meet the contracting company’s expectations, it cannot fire them. They have to contact the temp agency in charge and notify them of their lack of satisfaction.

The agency will then act accordingly. Employees get their benefits and other packages from the agency.

3 Benefits

There are a number of privileges a company can enjoy for using a temp agency Toronto. Here are some of them:

  1. It reduces the workload of the company. That is, it takes care of the entire hiring process without the company getting involved.
  2. It provides labour within short notice. If a company is working with an established temp job agency, it can find skilled labour at the last minute.
  3. It relieves the HR department of a company.
  4. They are cost-efficient. Temp agencies are quite affordable when compared to traditional recruiters.
  5. Companies can decide to take a temp employee and employ them to permanent ones.

If you are an employee, there are privileges for you too to enjoy. They include:

  1. You get free training for the industry you work for.
  2. They provide you with jobs in short periods, which you can do as you decide your next career move.
  3. They provide you with flexibility in scheduling.
  4. They do not charge you a placement fee.
  5. You have an opportunity to move from temp-to-hire.

4 Disadvantages

Both companies and employees can face some challenges while working with temp agencies. These are the most common:

  1. Most temp agencies do not provide employees with benefits such as health and retirement benefits.
  2. Some temp agencies lack transparency to their clients. They have hidden fees which they fail to disclose during the agreements.

Temp agencies are important to both the employees and companies looking for temporary solutions. These parties should, however, carry their due diligence on them before signing a contract.

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