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black friday season – what have you do to increase income?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Another BlackFriday season is coming, you are in e-commerce business, you cannot miss this opportunity to promote advertising campaigns to attract customers as well as increase your brand awareness by Special promotion program. Has your business found an appropriate Marketing business messaging solution to convey your message to customers?

If not, do not skip this article to see the benefits of SMS Marketing for businesses. Take advantage of SMS Markketing to create relationships with customers, convey messages to customers, retain customers … and moreover, a breakthrough in sales in the upcoming discount season.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of SMS Brandname to e-commerce companies

  • Increasing brand awareness, now companies in e-commerce industry Shopee, Lazada, … are also using SMS Brandname as a tool to enhance their brand awareness.
  • Reaching directly and right target customers easily.
  • Very low cost, higher efficiency than other advertising methods.
  • The message will certainly be viewed by the recipient. It is easy to statistic and measure efficiency. The time to deploy the brand messaging solution is short and the time to deliver the message directly to the recipient is very fast.

Business text messaging Email, SMS Marketing online bring to your e-commerce business

  • Email, SMS Marketing online will increase traffic to your website, Facebook and communication channels
  • Increase sales and increase customer base
  • Build brand awareness for customers
  • Introduce new programs and product packages to potential customers quickly & simply
  • Establishing an additional good relationship with customers
  • Bring information as well as benefits to customers & businesses in a “snap”
  • Customers will forward valuable, special and beneficial SMS to their friends and relatives.

So what is email marketing?

Email marketing is a form of using email (email) to bring information about information / sales / marketing / product introduction to the customer that you want. Those customers have been well-researched (potential customers of the business) to distinguish them from Spam email (Send mass emails to any customers), and customers may refuse to receive emails.

Situation on email marketing

There are many misconceptions that email marketing is outdated. That in the era of technology, marketing with advertising on social networks was the most effective. It is the opinion of those who do not know what the real effect of email marketing is.

What is email marketing

In the past 3 years, the actual cost that businesses spend on email marketing has tripled. This investment shows the importance of email marketing campaigns.

Today, Email Marketing is a very popular marketing service applied by many businesses. Moreover, the sales service via Email has also been integrated into CRM Marketing toolkit with many custom optimizations for business activities of businesses.

The function of email marketing

– Manage email lists: help you manage email lists clearly and specifically. Sort by geography, origin, gender, age, job …

– Monitoring and reporting: You will know the email rate in the inbox, email open rate, click rate, conversion rate. Detailed tracking of customer interaction rates.

– Automate campaigns: You can set up a campaign, and set a specific email schedule, emails will be sent automatically quickly and accurately.

– Diverse email templates: A lot of professional, diverse templates for you to choose, will reduce the time in writing content.

Benefits of email marketing

– Firstly, when compared to traditional advertising by designing banners, billboards, email marketing, it will help to save design costs, transportation costs, location rental costs. .

– Email marketing helps businesses build brands in the eyes of consumers, increase relationships, create trust with customers.

– In addition, when using this form of marketing you can statistically detail the number of people who click open mail, click on the links from which you will be able to find out the needs of customers, identify. Correct the tastes of customers to make the appropriate adjustments.

– Moreover, you can automate your marketing campaign by scheduling email marketing customer care by week or by specific month.

Create a choice for whether or not customers continue to receive emails
In outgoing email marketing, you need to create a special option for your customers. That is whether they want to receive the next email or not.

This will reduce the number of email marketing sent to customers who have no demand. From there you can focus more on real potential customers. This is also a way to respect the wishes of our customers.

Attend exhibitions, service introduction seminars

This is a way to brand PR, and also effectively promote good products. Being well-known will increase click rates for subsequent email marketing campaigns.

Organize promotional campaigns and promotions

promotion to get email

Promotional campaigns and promotions are not only effective in promoting sales. It also has extremely good brand PR functionality. Take advantage of this to bring the brand closer to users before each email marketing campaign.

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