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Cute and girly balloon bouquet ideas

Giving a woman a bouquet of flowers is a beautiful tradition… And a little girl just can’t do without a fun balloon bouquet!

You can pick up standard latex balloons of different shades, add a gorgeous shiny comic book hero Mylar balloon — for example, cute balloons like these, and decorate your bouquet with twisting balloons. You can’t even imagine how many interesting combinations you can make of latex, Mylar, and twisting balloons to create a gift that your child will appreciate. And don’t forget to add some balloons with congratulations!

Instead of giving a happy birthday postcard, think about creating a balloon bouquet that will add some festive vibes to your interior and make your child happier!

Pink pearls bouquet

This bouquet embodies tenderness and beauty!

Its composition includes several soft pink latex balloons, several pearl balloons, a large pink Mylar heart, and silver number balloons to highlight the age of the birthday girl.

Unicorn balloon bouquet

The bouquet is an interesting combination of light blue, snow-white, and gray latex balloons. The composition is topped with a large Mylar unicorn of white and blue tones.

Hearts and Flamingo balloon bouquet

A cool composition of pale pink, light purple, and scarlet Mylar hearts with a large pink Mylar flamingo will touch the heart of any girl, no matter how old she is!

Hearts can be either of a plain color or with a polka dot design: the latter version looks very flirty and instantly draws attention!

Minnie mouse balloon bouquet

Classics never go out of style! The combination of white, red, and black polka-dot latex balloons and huge Mylar Minnie’s head with a traditional pink bow simply can’t but please the child. You can even add Minnie’s friends to the composition: Mickey, Goofy, Donald and Daisy, Pluto and Pete.

This bouquet will become an amazing present if your daughter loves Mickey Mouse cartoons!

Hello Kitty balloon bouquet

There are many variations of such a bouquet, and most of the compositions are designed in white and pink tones. The bouquet includes a Hello Kitty Mylar figurine or a round Mylar balloon with Kitty’s face printed on it.

Frozen balloon bouquet

The popular cartoon had inspired designers to create amazing Mylar balloons. Such a bouquet may contain one big Mylar balloon with the image of Elsa or even several characters at once!

Often the composition includes blue heart-shaped balloons, silver balloon stars, as well as snow-white latex balloons.

Baby girl balloon bouquet

Make your child happy by giving her an armful of pink metallic chrome latex balloons, a Mylar baby figurine, and a light purple balloon stroller!

There are other interesting options: for example, designers offer to connect several snow-white latex balloons in bunches and tie them together. Thread the necks of several Mylar balloons (stroller, baby, star, crescent) through each bunch, which will end up on the top of the composition. 

It should look like Mylar figurines are sitting on the clouds!

Golden balloon crown

This is the perfect choice for little princesses! It consists of snow-white, black, silver metallic chrome latex balloons, and a large gold Mylar crown on the top of the composition. Looks like it was created for royals!

Amazing balloon bouquet ideas for girls

A bouquet of balloons always brings up the brightest emotions and creates wonderful decorations that will last for a long time.

Such a bouquet will not wither or dry out, it does not require water and looks amazing regardless of the season. Just imagine: even in frosty winter, you can buy and give your beloved child a wonderful balloon bouquet of daisies!

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