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5 Ways to Customize Your Trampoline to Have More Fun

Kids are obsessed with jumping. It doesn’t matter how much you stop them from turning your bed and sofas upside down; they will do the opposite. While a simple trampoline is fun on its own, there are so many ways you could customize it.

Kids can create their own games that are more fun to play on trampoline as it is a blank canvas for them. In this article, I am going to highlight some of the best tips that you can use to customize your trampoline and have more fun.

Spray the Trampoline with a Sprinkler

If you want to keep your kids busy this summer, the best way to do it is by using a trampoline sprinkler. You can break the summer heat by spraying water on the trampoline with a sprinkler. As your kids jump on the trampoline, water is going to splash, making it a lot more fun.

You can also play a lot of water games, such as filling up a balloon with water and have a water fight. However, make sure that you tell your kids to be careful as a wet mat is going to be very slippery, and accidents could happen.

Turn it Into a Ball Pit

Gather some softballs of different colors and put them into the trampoline with side netting. You can set some rules to play games, such as using a timer to see how many balls they could grab. The kid with the most balls takes the trophy and is the winner.

You can also install a few hoops inside the trampoline to play basketball. Moreover, you can also let them simply jump along with the balls as it’s fun watching the balls bounce with you.

Light It Up for a Night Party

One of my favorite activities to do on a trampoline is to use it as seating for a movie theater or a party. You can decorate the trampoline and the area around it with colorful lighting, which is going to put your kids in awe.

All that’s left to do is to make popcorns, put a projector screen out front, and you are good to go. You can also have a sleepover on the trampoline if you have some sleeping bags as your kids are going to enjoy sleeping under the night sky.

Make a Trampoline Fort

Kids love making castles and forts inside a home. They usually take a few pillows and stick them together so that they could share horror stories with each other. A great alternative to that is to use the space under your trampoline and turn it into a fort.

You can help your kids by finding a few bedsheets and covering the whole trampoline from top to bottom. Kids can take their stuffed toys or reading books to share stories with each other or use it as a playground to have even more fun. However, you should ensure that no one jumps on the trampoline while it’s being used as a fort.

Have a Stuffed Toy Picnic

Last but not least, another fun activity that your kids are absolutely going to enjoy is to have a stuffed toy party on the trampoline. You can put a few stuffed animals and toys on the trampoline. When the kids jump, the stuffed toys are going to bounce along with them, which is going to be a lot of fun.

Turning your trampoline into a pit of toys is going to turn it into a great playground, where your kids can go to have a good time. You can also encourage your kids to come up with new games on their own, which is going to challenge their creativity.

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