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Different Kinds of Weighing Scales and Their Functions

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Weighing scales come in different forms and are used in a variety of applications. If you need a scale, you can choose from a vast combination of sizes, weighing capacities and designs that suit commercial, personal and industrial use. In many applications, selecting the right type of weighing scale is crucial to achieving the best results.

Domestic weighing scale

This type of scale is what most people are familiar with. A domestic bathroom scale is usually found in bathrooms used in weighing people. Another type of domestic scale is a kitchen scale that is either flat or comes with a container for food and other ingredients used in cooking.

Commercial weighing scale

There are different types of weighing scales used in commercial and retail applications. Jewellers, for example, use a particular kind of scale which can measure the weight of precious metals, gems, and precious stones. There are counting scales that also work to measure item quantity aside from measuring weight as a single unit. Scales with counting functions are useful in retail when there is a need to identify the number of items in a specific load of products. Commercial establishments also make use of a variety of floor scales and bench scales depending on what the company requires.

Industrial weight scales

Industrial scales are used in many industrial sectors such as in manufacturing, agriculture, transportation, and storage. Pallet scales, for example, are usually installed in warehouses where forklift operators can quickly load and unload pallets and boxes onto the scale before and after weighing. There are scales specifically designed to weigh trucks and other heavy transport vehicles to measure the amount of content. Apart from these large scales, scales which can measure small quantities are also vital in industrial applications.

High-precision weight scales

Precision weight scales are used mostly in laboratories and scientific research. These weighing scales are capable of measuring in increments down to as small as 0.001 grams. High-precision weight scales also come in a variety of designs. There is platform type, bench type, hanging type and portable precision scales. In pharmaceutical applications, these scales are used for measuring chemicals and other ingredients used to manufacture medicine.

Bagging weight scales

A particular type of weighing scale used in an industrial application is a bagging scale. It functions not only to measure the quantity of a product but also to assist in packing products so that each bag contains the right amount. Bagging weight scales are typically used in manufacturing industries dealing with bulk amounts such as sugar and grains.


Weighing scales today can be simple or sophisticated depending on what the customer needs. Additional features such as counting the number of items being weighed come in handy for those who work in inventory processing and storage. The options are endless when it comes to choosing the right type of weighing scale needed for a particular application. In selecting a scale for industrial use, for example, the brand’s quality and reputation also need to be considered.



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