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Elearning Tools Businesses Must Have In Their Training Toolkit In 2020

As 2020 progresses, businesses and individuals have started understanding that they will need to adapt to the ‘new normal’.

As remote working emerges as the only viable and safe solution to the current global conditions, businesses are hurrying to find solutions that will enable their employees to work remotely without compromising on productivity and the quality of the work output.

Similarly, in order to enjoy the many benefits of employee training, businesses must find alternatives to their traditional training initiatives. The most viable alternative in this case is elearning.

The shift to elearning can turn out to be overwhelming for many organisations. To make sure the switch does not turn into an administrative nightmare for the learning and development team, businesses must ensure that their teams are equipped with all the necessary elearning tools.

Thankfully, businesses only need three dependable tools to successfully deliver training to their employees that are working from home.

Let us look at what these three tools are and how they will enable your business to make the shift to elearning:

Learning Management Tool

A learning management tool is perhaps the most important tool when it comes to delivering online training. As the name suggests, a learning management tool allows learning administrators to store, share, and manage training content, usually on the cloud.

Learning management systems also provide learning administrators with the ability to distribute specified training content to specific groups or individuals. Moreover, a learning management system is also required to track the effectiveness of your training initiatives.

With the knowledge derived from the custom reports generated by a learning management system, learning administrators can optimise the learning experience they offer for better engagement and results.

There are hundreds of learning management systems available in the market. Besides different budgets, these also address the needs of learning administrators with different training objectives, different levels of technical expertise, and different sets of target audiences.

Elearning Authoring Tool

If you are making the switch to online training, your training material will need to be optimised for efficient delivery through a learning management system.

For this, you will need an elearning software that can enable you to create immersive training experiences that are compatible with your learning management system.

Such a software is called a content authoring tool. Such tools come loaded with functionalities, templates, and features that allow individuals to create immersive training content without complex coding skills.

When choosing an elearning authoring tool, make sure you choose one that is suited to your (or your team’s) technical capabilities.

It is also important to ensure that your authoring tool is SCORM and xAPI compliant. In simple words, these are content standards that allow the content you generate on the authoring tool to be used by other elearning tools such as your learning management system.

Web Conferencing Tools

The application of web conferencing tools in an online training scenario are not difficult to imagine. Trainers can simply jump in front of a camera to deliver training to employees that are working from home.

Even when social distancing is not a requirement, continuing to deliver virtual instructor led sessions can have several benefits for your organisation.

From saving the money spent in bearing the travel and lodging expenses of trainers to being able to record and make the training available for employees that may have missed a session, web conferencing tools can make online training more accessible and efficient than ever before.


Equipped with the above mentioned tools, your learning and development team will be able to manage the shift to elearning with efficiency and ease.

Did we miss out on any elearning tools that you use at your organisation? Share them with us in the comment section.

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