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Essential Things to Factor in When Looking for The Right Church to Attend

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Individuals have different ways of looking for a church to attend. For example, some individuals go where they have several friends, while others select churches based on their inspiring sermon or incredible praise and worship team. Also, some people will consider a specific church due to its more traditional feel, while others will opt for a more contemporary vibe.

Here, the guide is designed to assist the church goers in decision-making. First, they should know whether they are attending the temple of God for the right reasons or not. Also, the guide will assist with an insight in selecting a faithful church to go to.

Sentimentality Should Never Over-rule

When it comes to church life, individuals are provided with sentimentalism instead of the truth. There may be several reasons for this: nostalgic attachment to the building, well-established family representation in a specific church like Plantshakers Melbourne church, and pride in a particular denomination, etc. Unfortunately, doctrinal righteousness typically takes a back seat to these nostalgic attractions. In this structure, individuals can honor their traditions more than their creator.

The Church Needs Not to Be a Product for Consumption

Many individuals approach a potential church like consumers. For instance, what firm of programs does the church provide? Does the preacher make me feel comfortable? What is the facility like? How did the attendees make me feel? Ideally, what people need and what they want are not the same. Christ does the establishment of the church as a place of helping the poor while struggling against sin to get mercy and forgiveness of sin through the gospel message.

Style Preference Should not be Neutral.

In most occurrences, individuals’ base church attendance is on stylish options, mainly regarding music. However, the bible is never presenting worship as a matter of individual style or taste. Self-inflicted worship is significantly condemned in the Holy Book (see Col.2). Therefore, Christians should be careful and learn that worship needs to match up to the word of God. Christian music should keep to its truth. Also, our liturgies should be filled with God’s word, and they should deliver the sermon to demonstrate the spirit and power. Individuals’ stylistic preferences don’t make the worship powerful or authentic.

The Message Should Be Believed, Not Pastor.

When looking for a church to present, many churchgoers are first concerned with the likability of the preacher. For instance, does the pastor share personal stories from his individuals’ experiences? Is he humble? Is he just a fun-loving individual who can get along well with the youths? The pastor can easily play along and manipulate the feature likability, knowing it will entice many believers. People’s faith will now revolve around him, not God. Therefore, likability is not a qualification of the right church to attend.

The Church Should Love You to Discipline You

An excellent church does not exist to affirm individuals living in sin. However, it is not advisable to encourage some to continue in blatant sin without corrections. Moreover, churches like Plantshakers Melbourne church open their doors for individuals who are running from other churches due to their sins and correct them immediately to avoid bringing the anger of God upon the entire congregation.

When you read this guide, you will be better positioned to know what you want the church you decide to attend.

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