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More people than ever before are opting to spend nights in

Written by Jimmy Rustling

The last couple of years have seen a huge change in our lifestyles, as more of us have turned to home working and online shopping due to the pandemic restrictions. Yet, rather than fueling a greater desire for nights out, this has led to more people enjoying nights at home. What are the main factors that have caused this change?

The rising rate of smartphone ownership and Wi-Fi connections

There is certainly something to be said for the idea that we have re-discovered the pleasure of unwinding at home alone or with the company of our close friends and family. Yet, this switch would possibly have been too drastic for some people without the modern technology that allows us to stay in touch and carry out our favorite hobbies while at home.

It is believed there are close to four billion smartphone users in the world, with even more people having Wi-Fi access. In highly developed countries such as the US, over 90% of the population have internet access. The number of internet users is also growing in less developed regions, with many governments urging a faster rollout of 5G technology.

The result is that there are now many people who have a huge range of entertainment options at their fingertips when at home. From YouTube videos to social media, blogs, and news sites, we can now feel completely connected in any way that we want without even leaving home.

Going to the cinema may seem less attractive when we can stream a movie or TV series at home, while all of our favorite songs and other types of entertainment are waiting for us at any time of day or night. There is now no reason to feel bored at any time.

It is easy to play and gamble online

There is no doubt that the rising popularity of online games is another reason why people are comfortable staying at home in the evenings. There are more than three billion gamers across the planet and that number is growing all the time, with new releases in many genres appealing to just about every type of person.

As well as being able to play the latest releases or classic games on a console, PC, or smartphone, we can also follow the most renowned gamers on Twitch or look for footage of the latest big esports events from around the globe. While gaming has been around in some form for several decades, there are now more ways of enjoying it than ever before.

Another way this change can be seen is with many casino and gambling sites going online. It is now easy to find a big selection of modern slots and table games like roulette and blackjack. The introduction of trusted casino payment methods has also helped. If we look at the NetEnt Casino site, we can see the likes of Apple Pay, Revolut, and PayForIt listed among the most popular payment options.

The live-streamed experience

One of the latest changes to the online experience has proved to be one of the most significant. During the toughest pandemic restrictions, live streaming gained massively in popularity as millions of us used a version of this technology as the only way to stay in touch with family and work colleagues.

It has also proved to be excellent for different types of entertainment. We have already looked at the idea of streaming movies, games, or TV shows, and it is something that has also been introduced to the music and sports worlds. Virtual concerts and live analysis of sports are among the key changes for fans to enjoy.

Live streaming has also had an impact in online casinos. Rather than simply choosing from a collection of computer-generated games, players can now look to play on real tables with human dealers that are streamed onto their screens. This adds a high degree of realism to the experience and turns it into something very close to what you would expect if you went to a land casino.

There seems to be no limit to the ways that live streaming can help us to enjoy our nights in more. A greater choice of content on demand and live marketing opportunities are among the benefits that this approach offers for consumers and content creators alike.

A more satisfying lifestyle

It is worth bearing in mind that none of the points we have looked at would make any difference to our lives if there wasn’t an underlying desire for a new type of lifestyle. All of this technology simply gives us a way of adapting things that we have always enjoyed to a more relaxed and satisfying lifestyle.

Staying in while receiving the type of entertainment that we love is often cheaper, but the desire for change appears to be more about finding a slower pace of life without missing out on anything.

This is seemingly borne out by the studies that show how the majority of people don’t want to go back to their physical workplace on a full-time basis. Working from home has become our preferred way of working and this goes hand in hand with the idea of staying at home in the evening for entertainment purposes.

The evidence suggests that this is likely to be a definitive change rather than just a temporary situation. Those people who have sampled the satisfaction of watching their favorite movies, playing games, and listening to music at home have concluded that this is a way of living that they want to carry on with.

It appears to be most likely that the number of ways we have of enjoying a night at home will continue to grow, as new technology and ideas are brought out. Rather than limiting our options, this has seen the range of exciting things that we can do increase greatly, meaning that heading out for an evening is no longer the only way to enjoy a great time.

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