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Factors You Must Understand About Third-Party Waste and Recycling Audits

The waste you throw out can be a critical contributing factor in reducing costs and improving business operations efficiency. Does that surprise you? Yes, trash can tell a lot about your business, how successful it is, how your business is operating, and what you can do to improve your business processes.

Before you can leverage waste to facilitate business operations, you need to have complete visibility about what you are throwing out. A waste and recycling audit will help you understand the various waste management costs you are dealing with and what practices can help you reign in those costs.

What is a Waste Audit?

A waste audit is a mechanism to study an organization’s waste stream. A waste audit involves a detailed analysis of what type of waste is being thrown out. The different types of waste categories include:

  • Paper
  • Aluminum cans
  • Cardboard
  • Food
  • Plastic bottle
  • Other Plastics
  • Glass and so on.

Next is the sorting process, wherein you get an idea about the amount of waste generated and any recyclable products you have mixed up. All this data is recorded and analyzed to understand what waste is being thrown out, what is recycled, the expenses for waste removal, and how much a business is losing with waste management.

A waste audit provides a comprehensive view and accurate data of what is going on with your business and how you can improve upon the pitfalls identified.

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What are the Benefits of a Waste and Recycling Audit?

Save up on Costs

As mention in a Forbes article, you can reduce your overall waste management expenses by 35 to 40% by acting on the insights found with a waste audit.

Measure Business Operations

A waste audit will let you know how well your current waste management practices are faring. Are you spending more money? Are you recycling the right products or throwing them into waste? Are vendors overcharging you? An audit will provide you with accurate data about the state of your business.

Meet Certification Standards

If you want to meet the LEED’s green building rating system, you will have to review your complete waste stream. Apart from global rating standards, local regulatory bodies have their own rules which need to be complied with. With a waste audit, you will have all the necessary data available to stay in-line with regulations and avoid fines.

Why Opt For a Third-Party Waste Auditing Service?


Waste auditing is a process carried over a specific period, for example, a week. There are various activities involved which require the knowledge of waste categories, and what is recyclable and what is not. One also needs to know the separate waste removal fees being paid, if extra containers are being used, and so on so forth.

A third-party waste auditing service has the required expertise to deal with waste. They function to identify various waste expenses, how they can be reduced, and advise practices to improve service efficiency.


Conducting a waste audit is a cost, time, and effort-intensive project. You will have to dedicate employees from your team to carry out an audit over a week. As they lack the expertise on waste management compared to professional service, the audit might drag over the deadline set and not provide accurate results.

Paying a third-party waste auditing service can help you save on costs. They have the experience of dealing with waste as well as the charges associated with it. They can help identify any overcharges and renegotiate contracts with vendors on waste and recycling prices to save costs and not generate profit.


Waste auditors will get in and evaluate every line item on the invoice provided by your vendor. They will give you a detailed explanation of all charges and identify cost-saving areas. They will get into the pieces of equipment you are using and if they are appropriate for the volume of waste you generate.

Apart from waste, auditors will also take a look at your recycling practices and suggest improvements where possible. With a clear view of what is currently happening with your business, you could take suitable measures to optimize operations, improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Regardless of the sector, your business belongs to, having a cohesive view of your operations is necessary. Managing waste is increasingly becoming a vital resource for saving costs and championing sustainability. A waste and recycling audit by an experienced third-party will help you get started on this journey.


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