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How to prevent eyesight issues caused by blue light?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Digitalization is rapidly increasing with time, and people have to adjust to modern ways to excel. With digitalization, there is a rapid increase in laptops, mobile phones, and computers. While it has helped in simplifying the business process, people’s health is at stake. The rise in screen use exposes people to blue light rays. The blue light rays are one of the light spectrums, and it is the form of an LED light. Both UV rays and LED light have a negative impact on the eyes. Hence, you may have heard people saying that mobile or laptop excessive use and cause eyesight issues.

Azarga is an eye drop that most doctors recommend to people who are having issues with their eyesight. It is highly effective in reducing eye pressure that people experience after using the screen excessively. It is crucial to use eye-relieving medicine or eye drops after having excess screen time. The Azarga eye drop remains inside the eye for longer to soothe it rather than draining out. Ocular hypertension is the worst kind of pain, and using some sort of eye drop is necessary in this case. You can order your medication from the 90daymeds website, which keeps all the authentic medications. You can click on the link to find out more about Azarga medication. This article will let you know how you can protect your eyesight from blue light.

How to protect your eyesight from blue light?

1.      Blue light glasses

With problems, there is always a solution to help people combat such issues. There are different types of blue light glasses available in the market that you can try out. Blue light glasses have a specialized mirror that helps in canceling out the blue light when you are looking at the screen. It helps in keeping eye pain or loss of eyesight at bay. Some people think that they are not effective at all. However, it is not the case as they help in stopping light from penetrating through the glass. If you are not a fan of glasses, you can try using contact lens with blue light protection from

2.      Use blue light mode

You may have looked at the eye protection icon in your setting, but you may have never explored it. It is beneficial to use the eye care mode as it cancels out the blue light and turns the screen to an odd color. People do not like when their laptops turn yellowish. However, it is your choice if you want to protect your eyes or enjoy intense colors.

3.      Eat healthily

If you eat vitamin C rich foods, then you will not have eyesight issues. In our diet, we do not usually have enough vitamin C. carrots, lemon, and some other fruits are enriched with vitamin C. If you cannot consume vitamin C every day, you can also opt for capsules with water and drink.  Always try to use the screen as little as possible and use it in a cool setting.


Digitalization, work from, and the home school has forced us to use laptops and phones more than we usually do. Hence, it is essential to make healthy lifestyle changes that can help you recover from the eyesight damage.


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