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Four Ways to Change How You Grow Your Instagram Account in 2020

There’s nothing like having a new year to start fresh. What better time than right now to turn your Instagram growth around, and watch it reach new heights in the new year. Social Studio can help you improve your Instagram account, do check them online.

While you may have enjoyed a little bit of success around your Instagram growth last year, it’s nothing like what 2020 has in store – if you’ve got the right tools on board.

If you don’t, there’s no telling what direction it might go – but it won’t be good. The more you know about growing your Instagram account successfully, the better you’ll do. Of course, there’s always been the way of using an auto liker on your account. But, let’s check out four other ways to change how you grow your Instagram account in 2020.

  1. Be Creative

It’s such a cliché, but the more creative you are with your content, the more you’re going to stand out. It’s tempting to jump on the viral bandwagon and do what everyone else is doing because it’s popular right now.

However, this isn’t going to get you anywhere – and it’s not going to bring your Instagram account the growth it needs. Instead, try creating content that’s yours; unique, and original. Be brave and step out of your comfort zone, and try something totally new that you’ve never seen before. The chances are that it will be an instant hit.

  1. Get Those Hashtags Right

Never underestimate the power of a hashtag. It wasn’t that long ago that people could just put whatever hashtags they felt like with their content – but this isn’t the case any longer.

These days, it’s all about strategy. The more strategic you are with your hashtag game, the better you’ll do. Remember to make sure you’ve got a good balance between trending hashtags, and hashtags that are lesser-known. It’s also essential to make sure that each one can be directly linked back to your niche. Consider using a hashtag growth service to manage this easily.

  1. Be Consistent

It feels like common sense at this point, but you wouldn’t believe how many people miss out on golden opportunities on the gram because they don’t follow the rules. If you’re not consistent with your posts, you’re not going to do all that well. Here’s why.

When you build up a loyal following around your brand, you begin to develop an expectation in your community. They will come to expect new content from you at certain times on certain days. If they don’t get this, they’ll slowly but surely move on from your page. To keep your community around, make sure you’re consistent with your posts.

  1. Network

The last thing you probably feel like doing is networking with your fellow influencers. If you’re someone who is naturally competitive, you’re not exactly going to jump at the chance to talk to someone that you’re trying to beat.

However, there are plenty of examples out there of people who have successfully networked with their rivals, and ended up growing their community as a result. When you network with people in your niche, you get the opportunity to put your brand in front of fresh faces, who will be genuinely interested in your product or service.

Final Thoughts

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of knowing that your community is jiving with your brand. They are loyal, they love what you come out with, and they happily share it with their friends. However, it’s not easy getting to this point – it requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

If you want to change up your approach to your Instagram growth this year, check out our helpful tips and tricks. Remember, the more you know, the better you’ll do. Happy Instagramming!

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