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How To Buy Cryptocurrency

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Many people want to engage with the crypto industry and make a profit using digital assets. The crypto market is volatile, which is both good and bad news. On the one hand, you can make a fortune on the upward market, but on the other hand, you risk losing all your investments if the market drops

To avoid mistakes and do things correctly, pass three crucial steps:

  1. First, learn about the crypto market and find out about promising projects that may bring you a fortune. When deciding to invest money in this or that project, go through some critical points such as the project founded and its background, the essence of the project and what use cases it may have, plans and backers. For more information about the project, check out its social networks, whitepaper, and community.
  2. Pick the type of wallet. There are two options – offline and online. Offline wallets are suitable for long-term investments. For example, you decide to buy Bitcoin now that the market has dropped and wait until the price multiplies. That may take long, so to protect your investment, keep your holdings on an offline wallet to protect your investment. It may be a Ledger wallet, for example. An online wallet is your choice if you want to trade intensively and make money from the price changes. You can use various mobile apps, exchanges, and everything connected to the internet. For example, pick a reliable platform such as WhiteBIT or Binance and open a personal wallet on them.
  3. Once you got a wallet, you can purchase crypto.

How to buy cryptocurrency if you are a beginner?

The best option would be to use one of the reliable crypto platforms mentioned above. White BIT, Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, and many other popular exchanges allow to buy digital assets and use all the available tools for trading. These platforms belong to a centralized type which means they work officially and comply with all the laws, implement anti-money laundering mechanisms, and track and block any illegal and suspicious activities.

Large and centralized crypto platforms offer a wide range of assets and even pairs with fiat currencies. For example, the White BIT exchange allows you to buy digital assets with fiat money through your bank card. Visit the White Blog and look for the guide on how to do that. There are also a lot of articles related to crypto, guides on how to buy cryptocurrency, popular projects, etc.

Now that we have discovered where to buy crypto, let’s talk about how to do it. First of all, register an account on the platform. Deposit your exchange account in any convenient way. Go to the “Trade” section and create an order to buy cryptocurrency. Pay the fee and buy crypto.

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