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How to choose proper citation style for my academic papers?

Nowadays exist three major citation styles, which are used in academic writing.

These styles are the following:

APA that is American Psychological Association;
MLA that is Modern Language Association;

Chicago. This style supports two directions of mentioning sources, such as author-date style and notes and bibliography.

Of course, there can be used many other citation styles, but their nature is rather specific and depends on many factors.

Which citation style is better to use?

In many cases, the subject of the paper and the discipline of your research dictate a proper choice of the citation style.

Be attentive to the notes of your teacher. Your instructor will assign the necessity to use a proper citation style for the purpose to help his students to cope with the assignment.

You should not to be afraid of asking questions. It is always better to check with your teacher an appropriate style than to redone everything in a case of mistake.

Some tips on different styles:

– APA style is often used for Engineering, Education, Social sciences, etc.
This style forces students to use parenthetical in-text citation throughout the text and an obligatory “References” list at the end of the essay.

– MLA style is better to use for such disciplines as Philosophy, Religion, Language, Art History, Music, etc.
This style helps to use parenthetical in-text citation, as well as a “Works Cited” list at the end of the academic paper.

– Chicago style may be helpful for History or Humanities, and it often helps to organize citation through the footnotes and endnotes.

In such a way, it is much better to discuss desired citation style with your instructor or try different styles empirically for the purpose to try everything and choose the best one for the own requirements. If you need any help with custom writing please visit writing service.


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