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How to Cope with and Manage an Assignment Effectively

How to Cope with and Manage an Assignment Effectively
Written by Jimmy Rustling

Have you ever struggled with getting your work done in time at school, college, or workplace? Have you ever felt stressed out of not doing your work perfectly as you wished? Have you ever asked my assignment help and used a third party service?  Here are the key problems of our generation nowadays of coping with any assignment: procrastination and multitasking.

Procrastination is a type of fear. It can have both beneficial and negative impact on the task you are doing. Procrastination is the way you to get rid of tasks for a little while and hoping of managing it later. And when that later comes in, you realize that it’s due in a few hours and you panic of not getting it done in time. You are hurrying, trying to complete the work not on quality, but on quantity measurement. As a result, you get a bad grade for the text.

Multitasking is the second problem, and here’s why. When you are doing ten texts at the same time, your focus and concentration are fading because you are constantly distracted. This article is going to cover the three main solutions of coping and managing assignments in the most prolific and productive way.

How to Cope with and Manage an Assignment Effectively

Changing Environments

When you do all the things at the same place, you may be overwhelmed by the place. As a result, you may be tired of focusing for such long time in the same space. One thing that really solves this problem is to change environments. Define what you are going to be comfortable with doing your tasks: maybe in the cafe like Starbucks, your school’s or college’s library, your home/dorm, etc.

Changing environments shall naturally and mentally help you to memorize the right material and do all the texts in more productive ways. If you are limited by only one place, or it’s too far away to go every time to the library/cafe, you can divide your room in various corners, where you can work on different texts respectively.

When it comes to changing your habits, it’s very important to change your environment. It’s like a mental cue to remind yourself so that your behavior is slightly different. So how can you do it?

  • Changing furniture set up in your room/ rearranging furniture
  • Visit various environments to define what better works in favor of your concentration
  • Separate different parts of your room by the behavior you want to do in each of them. If you want to sleep, you should always do it in your bed, not writing/reading, etc. If you are going to do all the things at one particular place, your brain will get confused. Similarly, make your desk be the only place in your school tasks. Create another corner of your creative thing or the thing you love to do in the free time.
  • Associate the task with the place where you are

Creating Mini-Deadlines


How to Cope with and Manage an Assignment Effectively

It’s essential to divide one huge project or assignment into several baby steps to keep up with the quality of your text and get it done before the deadline. Creating mini-deadlines will help you to manage with one huge project. But, why do mini-deadlines? Well, for some reason, mini-deadlines will keep you in self-discipline and organized in what you are doing. You might ask, how? Well, it takes time to develop this habit. However, the result will always be rewarding in the end.

  • Understand or imagine what the final product will be like. You should know how your final draft of the assignment should look like in the form of format, word count, solution, etc.
  • Write down the steps that will help you to achieve the goal. If you have to, for example, write an essay, break it down in smaller pieces such as researching, creating a thesis, finding three arguments, making an outline, writing intro/body/conclusion, rough draft, grammar check, etc.
  • Break the time you got for an assignment and the deadline into the number of steps you have to do
  • You will get a particular amount of checkpoints every week of mini-deadlines
  • Divide each mini-deadline into an everyday task for accomplishing those mini-deadlines

That’s how you do it. You just have to spend 20-30 minutes per day to make your task of the best quality.

Always Know Your Goal


When you get an assignment, you might just do it because you kinda have to for the course you are taking to get a good grade. But, is it the only motivator? Getting good grades? Why does it matter at all? Know your real goal. Maybe you want to get more proficient at some skill while doing the task, or learning something new while researching.

When you do something with some kind of interest, it will make you get up in the mornings and get your stuff done. Or maybe, you get deeper into the topic and find something new. Keep in mind that the work is not limited by the standards of your social institution. It’s defined by your personal goals and aspirations.

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