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How to Fight Early Stagnation for Start-up Companies

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Stagnation is something that even the most experienced companies dread – mainly due to its effect not being immediately apparent. What starts as a slowing of revenue could very well turn into a standstill, before finally evolving into a downward spiral that can be extremely challenging to get out of. For start-up companies, stagnation is a silent killer and one that has claimed the dreams of many entrepreneurs over the years.

That said, the best way to avoid stagnation would be to avoid most of the traps that come with starting and managing a young company. It is vital that you learn from the successes and mistakes of the companies that came before in order to arm your enterprise with what it needs to succeed. Here are just a few ways you can fight early stagnation.

Always incentivise the hard work of your employees

It might seem a little early to be worrying about employee incentives, but it can mean the difference between success and failure. A single disgruntled employee leaving can make a large enough impact on a young company that it might not recover in time. Give your employees a reason to work hard – and reward them amply if they do. Sometimes, all it takes is acknowledging their hard work for an employee to be satisfied with a company’s treatment. Helping your employees helps your bottom line and ensures that stagnation becomes a non-issue.

Make things easier for yourself and your staff with quality software

Business management software might feel like a luxury only afforded by more experienced companies, but you might be surprised to know that the reason many of those companies became experienced in the first place is that they were supported by quality business management software. From the management of assets and the unifying of departments to field service management software, there is no reason not to take advantage of what modern technology can provide your company.

By streamlining most of the tedium, you are freeing up resources that can go toward balancing out the rest of your business. Even just a single type of quality business software can make a difference.

Listen to what people say about your business

While it goes without saying, take advantage of the social media phenomenon and ensure that your business has a social media footprint. That way, you will have a means of communicating with your supporters, allowing you to get a glimpse of what they think about your company. You would be surprised how much progress can be made from setting aside ego and making changes based on some of the most constructive criticism that you receive.

Fighting stagnation is all about ensuring that productivity does not suffer during the vulnerable younger years of your business. It can be accomplished by listening to what your supporters say, making things easier with management software, and recognising the hard work of your employees. With the three simple methods above, you will no doubt keep your company away from early stagnation.


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