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How to implement the health insurance benefit in your company?

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Suppose you want to develop a benefits program for your employees, with multiple attractions, including the offer of group health insurance. In that case, the main recommendation is to look for an insurance broker with great relationships in the insurance market and experience proposing the most appropriate solutions according to the market assessment and the financial capacity of your company.

Specialized in the development of customized solutions for companies, Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan that range from diagnosing the needs of each client to mapping risks and promoting health. We work to optimize the costs of insurance and contracted plans to support adjustment negotiations and to build and implement benefit policies. Always focusing on people, WE work with the most diverse solutions for Human Resources, such as Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Group Life, among others.

Understand what benefit can offer your company!

The precariousness of public health services and the high costs of medical and hospital care are the reasons that make the offer of health insurance one of the main differentials that a company can offer its employees since this is considered the most valued benefit by professionals.

The importance given to health insurance is precisely the protection and tranquility that it offers. After all, nobody wants to be without medical care when necessary, much less compromise on financial planning due to extra expenses with health complications.

By making health insurance available to its employees, the company gains numerous benefits, including greater employee satisfaction concerning the value of the remuneration and consequent retention talent and attracting better professionals.

How health insurance works?

The insured has at his disposal several options for doctors of different specialties registered in the referenced network of the contracted insurer. In this case, you need to make an appointment and present the plan card to be attended. Also, the insured person still has the freedom to choose a doctor outside the insurer’s referenced network. In this option, the policy holder schedules and pays for the consultation and subsequently requests the reimbursement of the amount from the insurer. The reimbursement is not always full, as this depends on the limits provided for in the contracted policy, People should get life insurance protection for their future.

Types of health insurance:

The expert also explains that there are three main types of health insurance contracts. One is called individual, which currently has a limited offer in the market, due to the adjustments that are controlled by the National Supplementary Health Agency , which is not always accepted by many insurers and health operators. The second is a collective by adhesion , which is usually offered by a class entity (associations, unions, etc.) to its affiliates. The third and most common is the group health insurance, which is generally provided as a benefit of companies to their partners, employees, interns, and apprentices. The company can offer health insurance, and the employee contributes a percentage of the monthly fee for both their insurance and that of their dependents. In another option, the company can pay 100% about the employee’s insurance, and he assumes the full insurance costs for his dependents. The form of contracting and payment varies according to the Human Resources Policy established in each company.

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