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How to Keep the Outdoor Playground Equipment Safe For Your Child

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Outdoor playground equipment offer a fantastic way for your child to not only have fun and enjoy the outdoors, but a way for them to socialize and make friends as well. It’s a simple, convenient way of keeping fit in this modern sedentary life.

Children’s playground pieces of equipment have evolved over the years. The modern playing field looks absolutely different from the past forms (slides, swings, and monkey bars). They now include complex features such as wave slides, crawling tunnels, rock climbing walls and much more.

All this is designed to capture their curiosity and attention. Designers and manufacturers have done their part; the rest is up to you. While looking at these types of equipment, it is vital for you to make sure that it’s safe – considering either you or your kids will be using them. You do not want your child being injured instead of having fun.

Playground injuries are a huge issue. As such, it’s crucial to ensure that your children are safe while enjoying these pieces of equipment. The following are but a few points on how you can go about ensuring this.

  • Design of the Playground

Safety starts with the design of the playground. This includes ensuring that there is adequate spacing between equipment to limit overcrowding. A safe layout takes into account the surrounding- trees, the gradient of the land, traffic, etc. the equipment needs to be designed with safety in mind, therefore no sharp or pointy corners and edges.

When buying playground equipment, you need to ask yourself how many kids will use the equipment? Playgrounds usually vary in size, and that will determine the number of equipment that can be safely installed.

The age of the kids who will be using the equipment also needs to be taken into consideration. This may determine whether you get equipment made of limited steel, soft rubber, plastic, or even nylon.

  • Adult Supervision

Let’s face it; kids will be kids. They are clumsy and are experts at getting themselves into problems. As a parent, in light of this, ensure that you are always within eye range of the kids while they use any outdoor equipment.

Be it at the park or home, make it a point that they are not far from where you are.

In most cases, this simple yet effective action will be enough to provide a safe environment. The presence of an adult also encourages responsible play behavior in children.

It is crucial for kids to understand the importance of playing responsibly around equipment and other kids. This means reprimanding them for any acts of irresponsible play, including shoving, pushing, and fighting.

Instead, they need to learn how to take turns on slides and swings, proper use of the equipment, and being alert/aware of danger, i.e., slides are hot in the summertime and slippery during winter. All these lessons will put your mind at peace.

  • Reputable Manufacturers/Supplier

If you are thinking of getting outdoor playground equipment for your home, make time to research the manufacturer/supplier. Doing your homework on them ensures that any equipment purchased is of the best quality for your home, school, or business premises.

A clear, comprehensive installation manual should be attached along with the equipment. This includes support in-case you hit a hurdle while setting the parts together or in instances when large playground equipment needs repair.

As a rule of thumb in cases where large playground equipment needs installation, please leave it to the experts as the bigger the equipment is, the higher the risk of harm. Before making any purchase, check on the manufacturer’s history and their after-sale customer support service.

When inspecting outdoor playground equipment, it’s crucial to examine components like ropes and chains for signs of wear and tear. You can find reliable replacements at retailers like Swing Set Mall, ensuring the safety of your child during playtime

  • Maintenance of Equipment

Like with any tool or equipment, playground equipment requires love, care, and attention to function properly. Carrying out regular inspections is critical to keep the equipment in safe working conditions.

Your maintenance check should cover detailed checks on equipment strength, stability, foreign debris, and other health hazards before letting your little ones use them. This can reduce or even eradicate potential injuries.

Such an inspection isn’t just meant for your home. It’s meant for any place where outdoor playing pieces of equipment are available, including- schools and parks. These are but a few ideas on how you can increase your child’s safety and yours if you use any outdoor playground equipment. They are simple yet effective in ensuring that they have a safe playing environment.

This way, they can focus on playing and enjoying the outdoors to have fun, learn, grow, and interact with other children safely.

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