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How to Keep Your Dogs Safe When Outdoors

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Dogs are curious and playful by nature. Many of them love spending countless hours playing outdoors. Vets recommend that dogs get plenty of exercises every day by taking them on long walks. Unfortunately, not all owners can fulfil this obligation because of their busy schedule. You are lucky if you live in a house that has a spacious backyard where your dogs can run and play till they run out of energy. Being a responsible owner, you need to make sure that your dogs remain safe and healthy. That’s why getting pet insurance is a great idea. So here are some helpful tips to get you going.


If you allow your dogs to play in your yard, you need to make sure that they remain safe. You should install garden railings or fences around your property to prevent your dogs from escaping. If you have a large breed dog, having a secured fence at around six feet high is recommended because some of them can jump over a low fence.


Dogs are known to have a higher body temperature than human beings; this is why they are prone to heat strokes. All dogs need to have an abundant supply of clean drinking water. During summers you need to give them more water than the usual to prevent dehydration. Adding a block of ice in their water bowl is optional, especially if they have a thick and woolly coat.


Do not allow your pets to play or linger in the yard during hot summer days. The heat from the ground can damage their paws, making it difficult and painful for them to walk. If you do not wish to bring them inside the house, then they should have a proper place where they can rest or sleep comfortably. During winters and rainy season, it is best to let them stay inside to keep them warm and dry.


Aside from playing in the yard, take them out on long walks. However, it should be done preferably during early mornings or after dinner, where the temperature is much lower. Just like a human being, dogs need to have both physical and mental stimulation for them to be healthy and happy household companions. Dogs with lack of exercise turn out to be bored, it can lead to their frustration and destructive behaviour. Walk your dogs for at least 30 minutes to one hour a day, so they can get rid of excess energy that makes them feel restless and anxious.


Never leave your dogs for an extended amount of time. Also, make sure that there is someone in the house to supervise them. Some dogs may feel scared and nervous when left alone, which can result in crying or non-stop barking. Remember that dogs are pack animals, so they need to experience constant companionship and attention to avoid trauma and attitude problems.

Lastly, make sure that your dog gets its much-needed attention. Feed it well and shower it with love.



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