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How to Manage Pain Caused by Arthritis

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Millions of people worldwide, both young and old, suffer from chronic joint pain or otherwise known as arthritis. Having this kind of condition can cause a lot of tension and anxiety in patients. Imagine the discomfort that they have to go through when travelling, exercising and even doing simple movements like walking and stair climbing.

Living with arthritis can affect the quality of your life. To lessen the pain and discomfort, some people rely on medication to manage the pain. However long term use of painkillers can cause adverse side effects to both your kidneys and liver. That is why it is best to find natural alternatives to manage this condition. Here are some helpful tips that can help you have a healthy life.

Always wear the appropriate footwear

If you live wearing stilettos, strapped sandals and wedges you should consider changing your footwear to something more comfortable. High heels cause pressure to both knees and joints, causing pain while walking. You should also avoid wearing slippers because it can cause plantar fasciitis which is the swelling of the foot. This can also cause a lot of discomfort while moving, which puts you at risk of tripping and falling. It is safe to wear closed flat shoes with insoles to keep your feet cushioned. Running shoes are the most recommended shoes for people with arthritis.

Do some low impact exercises

Running, jumping, lifting and doing heavy squats might hurt your knees and cause injury. Doctors usually recommend their patients to do low impact exercises that involve basic stretching, brisk walking, swimming and biking. It is highly recommended that arthritic patients work out at least three times a week. This is done one hour each session, and you will notice that the pain will become more manageable as you progress. Best pain management bowie md provides professional help in terms of pain management do check them out.

Lose the excess pounds

Aside from exercising to burn extra calories, you also have to watch out for what you eat. If you happen to be overweight, your joints will have a hard time supporting your back, neck and other parts of your body. Shedding ten pounds can make a big difference in your condition. It is best to set an appointment with a dietician to get some ideas about weight management.

Eat foods that help reduce inflammation

Some foods and supplements can reduce pain, stiffness and swelling for people with arthritis. Have a diet that is rich with Omega-3 like tuna, fresh salmon and sardines. Walnuts, chia seeds and canola oil are also suitable for your diet. If you are planning to take some supplements, it is best to discuss them with your primary care physician.

Lastly, you can try out other organic alternatives by using products like CBD isolate. You can purchase this on sites that sell organic marijuana. CBD can be taken sublingually, or mix it with your food or drinks, or use topical anti-inflammatory creams. Throughout the years, there have been studies made about CBD, and it is known to provide arthritic patients with significant relief.


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