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How to Use Online Tools to Start Investing

Written by Jimmy Rustling

Have you set aside some savings for investments but perhaps you are worried you won’t be able to do anything with them given the current restrictions?

Perhaps you have wanted to start building an investment strategy for the future, and now you have the extra time to research and make a plan. Finding the best income producing investments could not be easier now with the number of online tools available to use on your computer or from your smartphone. Start by reading and researching different investment topics to ensure you choose the right strategy for you. From stocks and shares to real estate, bonds, and everything in between, there are a whole host of free guides and books online to get started on your journey.

To help you with your investment venture, we have highlighted some essential tools to use online to help you get started on your path to financial freedom, or at least a step closer to your investment goals.

Doing Your Research

If you need to part with money to start investing, you will want to have a well thought out plan and understanding of the market you are going to invest in. Most investments are not guaranteed, and unless you are taking calculated risks, then you are not likely to succeed as this is considered gambling rather than investing. If you are looking to invest in the stock or property market, typically your capital will be tied up for several years, so you want to make sure that it’s the right decision for you and will benefit you in the future.

Tip – conducting research online can be tricky, as there is so much content available. Be sure to use reliable websites and industry experts who have years of experience when it comes to managing finances and investments. It is also worthwhile cross-referencing facts and information with other resources to check statistics and knowledge before moving forward. As well as the plethora of free data to hand, you can also invest in a financial advisor to help you with some of the decision makings when it comes to setting up and handling your investment portfolio.

Using a Variety of Online Content

Investment guides, articles and books seem to be the go-to place for most people that are looking for valuable content, but there are many other alternatives that you could explore. If you spend a lot of time running or going for walks, then listening to audiobooks is a great way to obtain information and expand your knowledge about investing. Maybe you are also commuting to work and so turning on a podcast or watching a video whilst travelling could be the ideal way to keep your content varied and interesting.

Many how-to videos or podcasts can be accessed straight from your mobile phone, and if you struggle with a Wi-Fi connection on your morning commute, download some audiobooks beforehand to listen offline during your journey.

Some excellent examples from industry experts in the real estate market are by property investment company RWinvest, who offer a variety of guides and podcast for free across their website and social media platforms. Find out information about the burgeoning cities in the UK and how investors from all around the globe can get involved with securing their first buy to let property.

Using Your Smartphone

Utilising your smartphone to download finance and investment apps will provide you with invaluable expertise to get involved with the world of investment. Instead of aimlessly scrolling through social media sites, spend time playing games related to the stock market to continue learning and managing assets using a few short clicks.

After making notes and taking in all the information you have found about investing, you may conclude that you are going to carry on saving before securing any investments, and that is ok. You have made a calculated decision that is best for you. Whether you deem yourself to be in the right place to start securing investments or not, you should have learned something new, and you are already one step closer to building your portfolio and acquiring assets.

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