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How To Watch DC Movies In Order

It’s not simple to figure out how to watch DC movies in sequence. Even though the DCEU has almost half the number of films as the MCU, the chronology is still somewhat complicated.

By combing through every DCEU film, you could sometimes wish that you were the owner of DC comics, thanks to its well-developed plot and settings.

Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered when you want to view the movies in chronological order of events, starting with:

1. Wonder Woman

The events of Wonder Woman precede all prior DC flicks. During the film, Zeus creates the Amazon women warriors that live on the lonely island of Themyscira.

The story is set in 1918 when US pilot Captain Steve Trevor accidentally finds Themyscira while fighting in WWI. Diana Prince joins Steve in London and becomes a member of the Allied army during WWI.

2. Wonder Woman 1984

Except for a prologue set during Diana Prince’s upbringing, the sequel Wonder Woman 1984 is set mainly in 1984. However, don’t expect many DCEU tie-ins, as the Patty Jenkins-directed sequel stands independently.

3. Man of Steel

Man of Steel’s first film, directed by Zack Snyder, is set present-day (circa 2013), though it begins with the destruction of Kal-home El’s planet Krypton.

Then shows Clark Kent as a child and teenager growing up in Kansas before cutting to “present-day” where he’s in his twenties— about 20 years after Krypton’s destruction.

4. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Darkseid rules over a desolate Earth in flashbacks after the death of Bruce Wayne’s parents in 1981. (those “Knightmare” sequences).

With Ben Affleck’s Batman having matured and become bitter following the events of Man of Steel, this narrative takes place 18 months later.

5. Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad takes place around a year after the events of Batman v Superman, since Superman’s death is mentioned in the film, and we even get a cameo of Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne meeting with Amanda Waller.

She has now taken on a more significant leadership position among the superheroes. However, flashbacks show Batman pursuing Harley Quinn and Joker before Man of Steel.

6. Justice League

Thousands of years ago, there was a significant flashback scene when the wicked Steppenwolf sought to take over Earth and was defeated by an alliance of humans, Amazons, Olympian Gods, and Atlanteans.

7. Aquaman

The standalone Aquaman film is set several months after the events of Justice League and follows Jason Momoa’s eponymous hero as he protects his realm. However, some flashbacks portray Aquaman’s genesis tale from 1985.

8. Shazam!

Almost the whole length of Shazam! A flashback to 1974 introduces the primary villain Thaddeus Sivana’s backstory, which takes place during the Christmas season of 2018.

9. Birds of Prey

This Harley Quinn film takes place four years after Suicide Squad. After Justice League and Batman v Superman, the DCEU grew increasingly fragmented, with just a few allusions to Harley Quinn’s actions in Suicide Squad.

10. The Suicide Squad

Directed by James Gunn, The Suicide Squad takes place an undefined time after the first Suicide Squad film. Presumably, after Birds of Prey, the film appears indifferent with DC continuity.

We know that Harley Quinn is back in jail, and Amanda Waller is a seasoned “Suicide Squad” operator.


You may not have realized that while there is no proper method to view the DCEU films, their narratives do follow a chronological chronology.

So, whether you’re new to these flicks or a seasoned fan looking for a refresher, follow the road map we’ve laid out above. If you really are a fan of DC movies and characters, you can collect vintage comics on them and look for collectibles stores near me.

If you don’t, you can lose out on certain essential features of particular characters in ensemble and crossovers films.


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